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Many of us are fascinated with the MLM space and the world of opportunities that it offers. It's an industry with a level playing field, whereas, with a small investment, good work ethics and a zeal to succeed - practically everyone has an opportunity to succeed. I just thought I'd share some facts about the amount of money generated by the top 100 MLM companies in 2018. 

1 Amway $8.60B                    

2 Avon Products Inc. $5.70B 

3 Herbalife $4.40B                     

4 Vorwerk $4.19B 

5 Infinitus $3.92B

6 Mary Kay $3.25B

7 Natura $3.09B

8 Perfect $2.96B

9 Nu Skin $2.28B

10 Tupperware $2.26B

11 Coway $2.05B

12 JoyMain $1.58B

13 Oriflame Cosmetics $1.537B

14 SUN HOPE $1.536B

15 Young Living $1.52B

16 Rodan + Fields $1.50B

17 New Era $1.33B

18 Jeunesse $1.30B

19 Pola $1.22B

20 Ambit Energy $1.15B

21 Belcorp $1.14B

22 DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd $1.10B

23 USANA Health Sciences $1.05B

24 Longrich $1.00B

25 Telecom Plus $979M

26 Yanbal International $971M

27 Isagenix $958M

28 Market America $820M

29 Quanjian $786M

30 Yandi $740M

31 Stream $737M

32 Juice Plus $730M

33 Team National $719M

34 Yofoto $696M

35 Amore Pacific $681M

36 PM International $632M

37 Hualin $577M

38 Faberlic $563M

39 Plexus $562M

40 Arbonne International $553M

41 Miki $535M

42 Golden Days $518M

43 AdvoCare $472M

44 Scentsy $468M

45 Rolmex $459M

46 LegalShield $457M

47 Pro-Health $400M

48 For Days $383M

49 Nature’s Sunshine $342M

50 Resgreen $326M

51 4Life Research $316M

52 Monat Global $314M

53 Apollo $296M

54 LG Household & Healthcare $292M

55 Family Heritage Life $284M

56 OPTAVIA / Medifast, Inc. $257M

57 Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC $253M

58 Alphay $252M

59 Noevir $250M

60 CUTCO/Vector Marketing $245M

61 Best World Int’l Ltd $237M

62 Alpha $222M

62 AnRan $222M

64 Menard $221M

65 Southwestern Advantage $219M

66 Pure Romance $218M

67 Prüvit $214M

68 Norland $207M

69 KK Assuran $205M

70 Green Leaf $201M

71 New Image Group $200.815M

72 SEACRET $200.007M

73 LifeVantage $200.000M

74 NHT Global $198M

75 Merro $192M

76 Giffarine Skyline Unity Co. $179.0M

77 Princess House $178.9M

78 ARIIX $178.0M

79 Cosway $177.9M

80 Kangli $177.6M

81 Mannatech $176.7M

82 BearCere’Ju $169M

83 World Global Network $165M

84 Charle $161M

85 Vida Divina $153M

86 Marketing Personal $147M

87 Diana $144.5M

88 Ideality $143.6M

89 Youngevity $142M

90 Fuxion Biotech $141M

91 Naris $138M

92 Vestige Marketing $127M

93 Jimon $118M

93 Tiens $118M

95 Naturally Plus $111M

96 Usborn Books & More $107M

97 Kasly Ju $104M

98 Immunotec Research Ltd $102M

99 Xyngular $100M

100 ZURVITA $94M

This is a real industry with endless possibilities. Harnessing the possibilities simply takes a bit of creativity. About six months ago, I came across a system that has forever changed the way I look at network marketing. It was presented to me as a new concept that was in its testing phase, at the time, everything made so much sense  that I decided to join. They launched their first pilot project to test the system in late October. Being at the right place at the right time, I was able to participate in the first pilot project. They picked a travel company (P2S Travel) to test the system and enrollment began in late October 2018. I am not one to broadcast my achievements but, the results were so shocking that I am impelled to share them. When I joined, the system assigned a number to me in the order that I joined the system, and  shortly after enrollment with P2S Travel began received my sponsor's referral link and as soon as I registered, I forwarded my link to the two members that the system assigned to me, since P2S is set up as a binary. I sat down monitoring my computer to witness my downline expanding into a perfect matrix minute after minute. To qualify for a rank advancement bonus the company gives you a period of 30 days from the day of enrollment to reach each rank. I went from joining as a member to achieving 7 ranks to becoming an Ambassador in less than 20 days. Can you imagine? CLICK ON THIS LINK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

Zero Gravity is the first ever downline building system that guarantees success for all its members. When you join Zero Gravity, the system assigns you a number and practically builds your downline before you even spend a dime to enroll with a company. The magic happens the moment enrollment begins. With your downline already in place, your matrix is developed practically overnight, meaning instant money in the bank not to mention the rank advancements. With traditional network marketing, you enroll first and the struggle to recruit starts. However, with Zero Gravity everything is built before hand the only thing you do is forward your link to your assigned downline and watch your business explode by the minute. What's amazing is the automated reverse strategy method that places those at the bottom at the top of their matrix using a second company - a true game changer! Take advantage of the most powerful tool in the industry and build the life that you've always dreamed of.

We are getting ready to do it all over again and this time it is going to be huge. This platform is a game changer for the industry. If you had difficulties with recruiting and your business has been at a stand still, I urge you to join TODAY as a founder and take your position. Founders positions are available for a limited time. Pre launch is set for July 4th 2019, Join us today and be among the first 10,000. Membership is set at 149 USD. When you join today you ONLY pay 19.95 for a LIFETIME membership as a founder.     

It is happening right now! It is a proven system that has already been tested. Take a moment to watch this 2 MINUTE VIDEO PRESENTATION and feel free to post a comment below or contact me for more information.

This article was published on 15.05.2019 by Les Cange
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