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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people started looking for more business opportunities online. After the havoc this pandemic is causing, they have no other choice. In this CryptoTab Browser Review I will show you why you need to add this program to your list of online income streams.

The Future Of Bitcoin 

According to the June 2020 edition of the Crypto Research Report (CRR), Bitcoin prices are expected to skyrocket between the years 2020 and 2030.

Here is a breakdown of the predictions of the CRR: 

2020 - $19,044 

2025 - $341,000 

2030 - $397,727 

When you look at these statistics you may realize that now is the time to get your hands on some Bitcoin. There are some free methods of acquiring Bitcoin and CryptoTab Browser is only one of your options. 

What is CryptoTab Browser? 

CryptoTab Browser is defined as a lightweight web browser with built-in-mining features. It is a Chrome Extension and can run on a desktop device or a smartphone. If you prefer desktop, CryptoTab Browser is available for Windows and Mac OS, and also for iOS and Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

It is also possible to link your CryptoTab account on your smartphone and desktop by signing in with your Facebook or Google accounts. By signing in this way your devices will sync and keep track of all your activities. This is a great option if you are on the road a lot and you don't always have your laptop handy. Everytime you go online with your smartphone you will earn bitcoin. 

The other great thing about using CryptoTab on your smartphone is that it won't slow your device down. The algorithm is optimized for mobile phones. However, if you wish you can always adjust the speed of your mining activities. 

When using a mobile device, there are two different options to download from the app store. CryptoTab Browser ( Free Version ) and CryptoTab Browser Pro ( Paid version ). The free version works perfectly fine, but if you are looking for a more sophisticated app, it is worth having a look at CryptoTab Browser Pro. 

Here are some of the added benefits on the Pro version at a very reasonable price: 

  • Cloud Boost - drastically accelerated mining 
  • SDP function - save more battery power
  • Quick access to your account for storing and withdrawing cryptocurrency
  • Unlimited withdrawal of funds with no fee
  • Separate profiles for different users
  • Protected profile for public Wi-Fi
  • Technical support

==> Start Your Bitcoin Journey Now <==

Features Of CryptoTab Browser

Cloud.Boost - One amazing feature of CryptoTab Browser. Boost your mining speed up to 10 times the normal speed. This is not a free feature, but you will definitely like this one.

Extensions - Add Chrome extensions to your mining interface. This includes ad blocker, security tools, super cool themes, and more.

Bitcoin Mining - Mine bitcoins whenever you are browsing the web. But please note that your mining speed will be higher when the browser tab is active.

Affiliate Program - CryptoTab will reward you whenever you invite friends and family to the program. More about this feature a bit later in this report.

Withdrawal Of Earnings - You can withdraw your Bitcoin earnings as soon as you reach the minimum threshold of 0.00001 BTC. You can use a Bitcoin wallet of your choice, just make sure you trust them with your earnings.

Affiliate Program

The CryptoTab Browser affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn a lucrative amount of extra Bitcoin.

You may choose to mine on your own, but why on earth would you leave money on the table? By building a network of affiliates under you will help you to earn so much more. Invite your family and friends to also join in, everyone can get a share of free bitcoin. 

When you have a network of affiliates under you, you will receive 15% of the amount of currency that your affiliates mine. If these affiliates invite people to join under them you will receive a further 10% on whatever earnings they make. You are eligible to earn 10 levels deep. 

Just imagine how much you can earn with an affilate network going 10 levels deep. There are also no limit on how many first level affiliates you can recruit. 

Here is a summary of how much you can earn on each level: 

  • Level 1 - 15% 
  • Level 2 - 10%
  • Level 3 - 5%
  • Level 4 - 3%
  • Level 5 - 2%
  • Level 6 - 1%
  • Level 7 - 0.5%
  • Level 8 - 0.25%
  • Level 9 - 0.125%
  • Level 10 - 0.0625%
If you are interested to join please click ==> HERE <==
This article was published on 13.08.2020 by Michelle Prinsloo
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