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I've been in the medical industry for 30 years. I started out as a healthcare worker, moved into hospital management, then eventually into sales. I worked with hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, and other specialists. 

Over the last few years, I've seen many changes. With the new Affordable Care Act, it's been easy to detect changes across the board. Hospitals in every state are closing doors. Physicians are scrambling, joining forces as hospitalists with MCO's, while others are seeking new, creative strategies in maintaining their revenues and expanding their practices. Exchange recipients have gained coverage, but they are limited in their healthcare choices, while private insurance patients are seeking alternatives to expensive coverages and treatments.

Enter patient engagement or the principle of medical home. This is the idea that the general public is taking responsibility for their own health, complying with the recommendations of their physicians, and taking active steps increasing their wellness. If the general public buys into these ideas, then many things begin to take shape for the better. Hospitals are able to decrease unnecessary stays and intake. Physicians aren't penalized by paying entities that audit their patient populations. And patients live longer, healthier lives. 

But at the moment, these are all ideas that haven't quite taken root. Indeed there are companies, ministries, and individuals out their that are doing their part, but it takes a movement to change a culture. One of the best ways to achieve this is lifestyle modification on an individual basis. The public must be educated and incentivized to take initiative in improving their own conditions. Additionally, a mental shift must be communicated and repeated to activate real, palpable change.

One powerful, worldwide solution to this problem is Unicity. Unicity has the number one medically endorsed, clinically proven NATURAL solution for metabolic disorders in the world. Not only that, but their flagship weight-loss program is 100% successful, and completely refundable. Several of their products are published in the Physicians Desk Reference, utilized by all American doctors. They are backed by double-blind, peer reviewed, placebo studies by top institutions across the country, including Cleveland Clinic, Emory University, and Stanford University. 

How do they address the dilemmas previously mentioned? They are able to get patients off medications in many circumstances, of course, all under the watch of their prospective physicians. Physicians can prescribe non-drugs with drug-like affects, without worrying about contra-indications. Their flagship program provides customers with lifestyle changes, coaching, and alternatives. Unicity's Balance lowers LDL's, raises HDL's. lowers glucose A1C's by 2-3 points, and regulates metabolism. This is ideal for the top three chronic condition profiles: diabetics, heart patients, and obese patients. Finally there is a natural solution that addresses chronic metabolic problems.

Unicity marketing tools and strategies are second to none, providing step-by-step guides, digital tools, and one-on-one mentorships. Partners can market across the companies, practices, sports complexes, and more. Their formula for success makes network marketing a genuine opportunity with realistic expectations. Their team sell mentality fosters a community of harvesters and sowers working in tandem. 

In this day and age, marketers are seeking products and companies that are progressive in their strategies. Our culture is changing. What worked twenty years ago may not be as effective today. Our millennials utilize different communication styles, tools, and platforms. Social networks and texting are at the fore of their worlds, and companies have to adapt to this ever growing, ever morphing environment. 

In the latter part of the 20th century in America, network marketing was characterized by flipcharts at a coffee house. Now, there is a demand for information access utilizing smartphones and IM. In a world where prospects can research your organization at a touch of a button, sellers need to be able to accommodate these potential opportunities. Unicity understands this and is surfing this technological wave with grace. 

In contrast, Unicity has found "the right boat, at the right hour, in the right cove, with the right pole, in the right depth of water, with the right lure". All their partners need do is to cast their lines, and their upline will even reel in the catch. Does it get any better?

You can visit Unicity's site at Should you be interested in the prospect of joining us, contact me and I will provide additional information. 


This article was published on 24.06.2016 by Greg Turner
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