So You want to Join CrazeBTC?

NOW is a great time to be interested and invested in the digital currency market. We all have been hearing about how Bitcoin, and other Altcoins are quickly emerging as the future of money. As business people we are the ones who are going to help lead others and CrazeBTC is an example of this reality. The CrazeBTC opportunity is a chance for you to position yourself, to earn over 30 Bitcoins per month.

That's right, more than 30 Bitcoins per month, is currently over $30,000 in the US Dollar. However is the future of the US Dollar safe?  Right now we are sitting at at time where people who are not yet investing in digital currency are still trying to understand just what it is. Naturally, I'm sharing this Ted Talk with people who are interested in truly understanding what decentralized currency is about.  "Blockchain is the next version of the Internet" - Don Tapscott

To get Started with CrazeBTC you'll need to Get signed up Here.

There will be a One Time administration Fee that you'll send to the admin; and then you'll send a bitcoin payment to the person that introduced you (in this scenario that would be me).

The set up, is a 5x3 Forced Matrix, so you'll want to find 'at least' 5 people who'd also like to earn over 30BTC's per month with you. As a real leader with in this MLM Space, I look for people who are willing to work as a team. So if you do get signed up, be sure to contact me so that we can begin working together to find your 5.

I like people who are learners, and aren't going to attempt to 'teach the teacher' - I think any good business partnership should have some guidelines from the start. In order for me to truly help others, they must be willing to receive help.

As much as I like business people, oftentimes, they tend to be hard headed. They have a "I've got this" attitude, which can be a bonus at the right time. That being said in business, timing is absolutely everything!

Just as there is a time to lead, there is also a time to follow!

I can teach anyone HOW to sponsor people into an income opportunity, so long as they are willing to follow the advice and instruction I give. So don't feel like this isn't an opportunity for you - because you don't like to recruit. Anyone who's ever done anything Great in life had to recruit people into their cause.

Don't allow not being good at something, to stop you from achieving your greatness in life!

Get around people who can take you to a new level!

Let's work together, and start earning Bitcoin together, in CrazeBTC - and then we can look to more earning opportunities in the future together, after we've completed our first mission!

This article was published on 20.02.2017 by Al King
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