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Sharing Abundance – Realistic or Utopian?

I cannot help but often I wonder about sincerity of any problem to make you money online.  That is the case of recent program, We Share Abundance (WESA). 

Interestingly, WESA does not require any payments from members to operate or generate profits. 

WESA is a community of like-minded people who seek betterment of each member of the community.  It is global community open to anyone in the world.

The members are required to perform tasks which credits members with cash value.  At this time, task entails in setting up of your account and daily logging into your account to read messages from other members.

As a member of the WESA, your benefits are:

  • Being like-minded people, you are with positive people
  • Your participation helps members achieve success
  • Income on auto generation as members performs tasks
  • List building through multiple levels
  • Free marketing to others via internal messaging system

So how is revenue generated by WESA to share with members, you ask.

The revenue sharing concept is unique.  There are 6 levels (referred as “pols).  If you enroll in all 6 levels, you become elite member.   You can enroll in for 30 days so you can get returns up to 150%- your enrollment plus 50% profit.  The other option is to enroll on annual basis to give you even higher returns.

Join We Share Abundance Now & Start Earning

I must say that how one earns money needs to be explained as WESA has not done noticeably clear. Here are some ways you earn at WESA:

  • Upon signing and completing your profile, you get paid $2.
  • Remain Free member and earn daily just by logging in.
  • You can join level 1 through 6 levels to enhance your earnings
  • Special Note: By being elite member, you earn $5 daily and $150 monthly just for logging into the system and reading any messages to earn extra money.

It must be noted here that if you do not enroll in any level in 3 months, your membership will be ended.  That may be alarming to some.  But it makes sense.  Because as a free member you can earn enough to become level 1 member just by completing your set up, logging each day, and reading all your messages.

Ironically, WESA is not labeled as a business opportunity but you will be belonging to a community for which you are rewarded. WESA defines as a “Power of One”. Each member takes on responsibility help the “One Community (WESA)” to prosper for benefit for all.

Join We Share Abundance Now & Start Earning

Thus, WESA is a new community- an internet state whose greatest and only real resource is its members. The strength of WESA comes from establishing its own currency- WESA Token- having its own value within the WESA community with guaranteed minimum value.  Reportedly, WESA token has been growing rapidly.  It is this financial wealth that is being shared among members if they perform minimum tasks outlined above.

Simply put WESA is engaged in creating community which has acquired abundance to share within its members and use it for charitable work focused on hope and removal of misery.

This article was published on 05.08.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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