Dick Gregory, Funny Man With The Global Plan! BHM 2/21

Richard Claxton Gregory. Know internationally

simply as Bro. Dick Gregory was a man among men. Born a poor but

precocious child in the early thirities in sleepy segregated St. Louis Mol

One of Dick's early jokes about his home town is. When you get to St.

Louis set your wtach back 2 hours. It slow.LOL

As a child his mother a Domestic would bring him to work with her. At

his disposal in those homes were the literary works of the world's

greatest thinkers. ie., Therear, Ghandi, Samuel Clements are among

manhy that shaped his world view.

What brought him to the world scene was sports and comedy. In

college he ran the fastest unofficial quarter mile in historyl. However,

it was the tradgedies in his life that uncovered his gift of comedy. Comedy

is the flip side of where comedy comes from. Dick learned to make himself

laugh as well as others to keep from crying!

He first got his comedy chops from stand up throughout the Chitterling

Circuit. Also know as the Black Bottom in segregated America.

He got national attention when Jack Parr the premier radio host of the

day, invited Dick on his very popular tv show.

Dick refused! Can you imagine the courage to turn down a white an in those times?

 No deal!

unless he could be the first black comic to be seated on Paar's couch.

 Until that night. The comic comes on. Does his bit, he is expected

to quickly disappear behing the curtans. Not Dick Gregory!.

comedienes. Parr conceded to Dick's demand.

Now a huge star!

 Dick never , ever forgot us who made him!

Dick was forever coming back to our neighborhoods. And, he never used

  body guards!. To us he was just another brother!

This stardom was his to become his bully pull pit for his new crusade

The Civil Rights Movement. Dick was the ultimate humanitarian.

Dick led the fight for blacks, indians, women, and all others oppressed

worldwide. To bring attention he would fast, march, uncover lies. This brother was a warrior!

His platform was also used to uncover the big lies.

He exposed to the press the murder of the Ron Brown the first

black Secretary Of Commerce.

As reported, Ron Brown

did not die do to a plane crash. It was a bullet to his head first

 then the plane crased due to inclement weather. Ehe

weather was great on that day!

Further Bro. Dick exposed that President Kennedy did not

die in Dallas that day. But, lived out his final days as a vegetable due to his

head wounds.

The biggest lie!

 Martin Luther King did not die on that

balcony in Memphis. He died by smothering after he was spat upon in his hospitable

bed. Malcom X did not die from gun shots below in the audience. But, was

killed from shots above him. Agents were planted in an uper area above the sealing.

You can Google this for yourself!

Docl doed five years ago. He was very excited about getting out of the hospitable

the day before his death. The next day Brother Dick died. Did the powers

that be finally get tired of him as watch dog?

Get to know Brother Dick and his brand of political humor for yourself!



Dick was an original. I met him thre times in my life. The first time in 1972

was the first time. This super athelete had run 3000 miles across America.

Doing 1050-100 miles a day he ran from California to Lincoln Park in

Washington DC. This run not only magnified his Civil Rights agenda.

But, this colossal feat promoted his recent book, Cooking With Mother

Natures. For People Who Love To Eat. Today, that book is a classic.

Did had a great sense of humor.

A reporter asked him.

 when will we catch Osama Bin Laden.

Dick said we?

I am still trying to find out who my daddy is.LOL

A family man. Dick was married to Lillian Gregory over 60 years. A great tem.

Dick never wrote a check. It was Lillian's job to do that at Dick's discretion.

As a Soldier of Civil Rights he send tons of food, money and his talent to

keep the moving going forward. His proudest diay according to him.

It was when his punky son came to his side during a likely dangerous


He asked his Dad.

Can I have the privledge to die with you today?Father and son in that moment become peer to peer! Wow!

 Fortunately they both servived that day! Dick said it was as if the zngry white mob saw God. Then all of a sudden angry advancing white mob dropped their

 weapons and retreat. Dick explains that love and fear cannot

exist in the same place!

Dick is gone. What a legacy to us all!

 However, his stalwart Ms.rs. Lillian and their 9 well educated

children are still on the front lines of the Civil and Human Rights.

Brother Dick, thank you and your family for your unselfish contributions to

the the world.

Rest in peace and power my brother

Your Friend,

Coach Gaymon


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This article was published on 19.02.2021 by Coach Gaymon
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