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UK clients only: I am guaranteeing a £100 return on a £250 Forex trading account

Forex trading is a high risk activity but with the right guidance, it does become low to risk free. I promote FX brokers and get a good referral commission on it. I see no reason why I should not share some of that commission with the clients I refer to the Forex brokers once I've been paid. It's transparent and brings goodwill. My guarantee of a £100 return on your trading account is based on the fact that I would guide you to complete ten or more trades on your account (this is a  commission requirement from the Forex broker) in such a way that you do not lose more than £25. (Note: My FX broker gives you £25 immediately after confirming your telephone number during registration...this is all we'd put at risk)

Once I get paid my commission about 6weeks from closing the 10th trade, I will cover any losses in your trading account, if any, then top it off with £100. Any profit made before the commission comes through will remain yours to keep. Our transaction would end at the point when you receive the £100 rebate I send you. You may wish to close the trading account, carry on trading only with the £100 profit you currently have or with the entire £350 (i.e initial deposit plus profit). All of this will now be at your risk.

You may wish to open a new account with another FX broker I promote. In that case, we will initiate a new transaction based on similar terms and conditions.

You may also wish to become an affiliate of the FX brokers I promote. I could guide you through the process of becoming an affiliate and offer some web development services. With the right content and photos in place, it'd only take me a few hours to develop and publish a website for you. Cost would be low as there are  platforms on which to freely host blogs and websites out there. I would even consider developing the website in exchange for your signing up to a new broker account.

For the first 5 people who take me up on this opportunity, I will be your first client. I believe in win-win situations wherever possible as this helps to promote our mutual interests and move us closer to our individual goals more rapidly.

The broker I really need to get maximum number of clients for in time for the Brexit vote is

Again...I'm personally guaranteeing this will be risk free for you as I will be responsible for it. Also, you can visit my website at

Please get in touch with me before opening an account so I can make sure your signing up is captured in my statistics on the affiliate dashboard provided by the broker. I'll set up a facebook group if there is enough uptake so question & answers can be centralised.


This article was published on 21.06.2016 by Omocareer Babainsights
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