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Skill sets you need for success.

Hi Guys

Here are the four basic skill sets you must have or must learn for success in network marketing and direct selling.

These are…

1. Meeting people

2. Working your prospect list

3. Inviting

4. Follow up

You have to be at least proficient in each of these.   But there’s no contest which skill will make you the most money…

That’s inviting! 

The nexus of everything we do in the business is inviting.  We invite people to review literature, look at videos, come to home and hotel meetings, get on a conference call or webcast, or jump on a 3-way call with our sponsor.    We’re inviting all week long!  

So the quicker you learn how to make a powerful, compelling invitation – the faster you will grow a large team.   

Here’s 10 secrets for getting good results, make your invitations more effective… 

1.  Do it over the phone, set yourself a daily goal to speak to 3-5 people a day (not contact but actually speak). 

2.  Have your dream board in front of you to keep your passion high, have that passion in you when you make the invitation so that the people you talk to will pick up on your passion. They might not understand exactly what it is you are talking about but it’s the passion that will get their interest. 

3.  Get off within two minutes! Your mission is to invite them to an event or to look at some information, it’s not to hose them down with information – let the tools do the work! 

4. Get a commitment for them to attend a live event, or else that they will review a link to an online presentation. If you are sending them a video link ask them when they will look at it so that you can schedule a follow up call to get some feedback. You need to try and do the follow up within 48 hours max. 

5   Invite both spouses, then you will have both decision makers present! 

6.  If it’s going to be a one-on-one make sure you have their undivided attention, no distractions! 

7.  Repeat the appointment at the end of the call, we always mention the appointment at least 3 times. 

8.  Don’t call to reconfirm or you’ll invite cancellations, this is important. Let your prospects see that you are busy and definitely not desperate! 

9.  Set aside 90 minutes and make as many invitations as you can fit in that time. Do this every day, so that you can build a massive pipeline. 

10.  Always answer a question with another question, but don’t dig yourself a hole! Remember that most of the questions they need answers to will be in the information you will send them. 

Following these guidelines will dramatically improve your attendance and eventual enrolling.

​M​ake sure to share these tips​ with your team.  

In fact, it’s a great outline for inviting training that you should have at every major event.   

 Get great at inviting and your business will explode.  


P.S.   ​We​ can’t wait until tomorrow.  Because we’ll look at what it takes to keep your people in the business! 

Have a great day 

To Your Success 

Phil and Rosytha 

This article was published on 16.10.2017 by Phil Cony
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