Best cryptocurrency to invest in

Best cryptocurrency to invest in

The future is bright, I am excited about crypto currencies and Blockchain technology, what are your thoughts about the future of crypto currencies? Where do you think we will be in the next Five years? What will be the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

New crypto currencies and ICO’s are launching almost weekly, but there could be some risks if you are not careful, always do your research and if you get promised big returns make sure you are not getting scammed out of your money.

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in? I cannot offer any guarantees but I have something special to share with you. If you are asking the question what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? Then I would say it is the KCB Token that is still in the ICO phase (Initial Coin Offering) and you can now get the Token for $0.14 Cents until the Token goes live on the exchanges on the 15 December 2019.

Gold backed cryptocurrency

Gold backed cryptocurrency

You have a massive opportunity to get a Gold backed cryptocurrency as it is based in Gold and has Gold saved in a safe to give the Gold cryptocurrency value and the price will never go to Zero.

I am very curious about the future of crypto currencies, altcoins and Blockchain technology is getting accepted and adopted in many business settings to keep accurate records and to prevent any duplication and errors. As the Blockchain is a ledger and the records will be 100% maintained.

New smart phone technology using voice of Blockchain Protocol is upon us now and will possibly be the norm how we will communicate in the near future. How about security with your crypto currency wallets would you like an encrypted wallet on your smart phone?

Impulse K1 Will be in many hands from October 2019 onwards

K1 Impulse Smart Phone

Features like: 






Unlimited storage


Interplanetary file storage (aka LOOOOTS OF SPACE) WORM GUARD - Secured key protected against un-wanted access

In short, pure brilliance in your hand...

New Laptop with - (VOBP) Voice over Blockchain Protocol technology

Whim Laptop

How about security on your laptop regarding your data and emails? New technologies are emerging right now to make sure your data is secure using (VOBP) Voice over Blockchain Protocol technology.

The new laptop that you can pre order right now, that gives you total security against any hacks to your data and emails. This is a bold statement that these laptops using our (VOBP) Voice over Blockchain Protocol technology cannot be hacked.

Hope you found this information useful? There are some many interesting developments in the cryptocurrency space with new Smart phones laptops and a Gold backed cryptocurrency and what is the Best cryptocurrency to invest in?

Thank you for reading my article,

David Ingham

This article was published on 29.09.2019 by David Ingham
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