Learning about bitcoin and asking for collaborators

So this is 2017, a New Year, which I hope to start out right and all I need is a little help from my friends!

First I want to tell you all that I have a little project that is working, but very slowly…. so I have a favor to ask, 

  •  that won’t cost you a dime, 
  • and just a little bit of time. 
  •  I have found a way to earn online.

Since I do not have a credit card, and have found out that from where I live in Bolivia, I cannot even receive money on paypal, it was necessary to look for other options.  In order to earn online, my best option is the bitcoin. Have you heard of it? One BTC is worth over US$1000.00 and it is growing very fast. This system is designed for worldwide use, but is used directly person to person, which makes it cheaper and quicker for anybody anywhere. This means that soon - very soon - bitcoin is going to be the international currency that everyone will be using. 

  • I am going to tell you what I am doing. 
  • I will show you the best links I have found,
  • and ask you to sign up as my referral.  

First, I really want to thank you for doing this to help me get going, since I will receive a little help from any referrals.   I have another small investment project I want to invest in, which I can tell you about a little later. The purpose of this exercise is to use these links as little learning tools to help you get the feel of bitcoin.    

The first thing you will need is a bitcoin wallet, which is free and very secure; all you need to do is sign in with your data and it gives you an address where you can collect or receive your bitcoin.   Here is a link where you can get one.    http://www.block.io/#_l_12q

I started collecting free bitcoin at what are called faucets, which are like games.  You just go to the link and sign up and insert your wallet receiving address.  This is used only to receive coin.  The other address in your wallet is yours and should not be given to anyone.  There are lots of faucets, but I am only going to show you a few right now, which are easy, and where I have had the best luck at earning.

For the moment, BitOrion seems to be the easiest and fastest place to collect satoshi, which is the smallest unit of btc. The link is: http://bitorion.eu/?ref=895308  It will pay you 301 satoshi per hour, just to slide the arrow and click, which you can do once every hour.  It also says you will earn 10000 Satoshi for any ACTIVE Referral, meaning each user that signs up to the site with your link. To receive commission, your referral must complete at least 10 Actions to collect.  

This next one is for clicking ads, but it has a nice clean platform with interesting ads. The plus for doing this is to look at all the new bitcoin programs that are being advertised here. These are all very quick, maybe 10 seconds per ad and only about 20-30 ads a day http://btcclicks.com/?r=2ab889a5    I was able to collect enough points in one week to transfer to my wallet.

Here is a game that is not too boring to play, where I was able to transfer earnings to my wallet after one week.  Referral URL: http://cetobeto.com/?ref=kathleenes   You get 20% from referrals and you can play as much as you like.

I will show you one more faucet, which has remained steady.    http://freebitco.in/?r=3087597    This is also hourly and has some options on it.

Next we get to the more interesting part.  I have tried out 2 sites for multiplying your coin by investing with them for 200 hours and then the coin is returned to your wallet with a 50% return.  I want to caution you that there are a lot of scam sites out there too offering to multiply your coin much faster, so caution and only put in a little to begin with that you could afford to loose. You can also check this site here: badbitcoin.org/thebadlist  

I tested both these sites, putting in BTC and received cash back as was specified.  I must say it is gratifying to see your bitcoin grow so quickly after spending hours getting it from drip faucets.  Of course you can buy bitcoin if you have a credit card or other online acct, but alas, I do not. 

Here are the two sites I have used with good returns.  Bitery  https://bitery.io/am/gSlyfH9Ps5   and  Bitconary   https://bitconary.com/r/BC5858B8286C1F1  

If you are interested in what I am doing, please find me on FB and friend me there.  https://web.facebook.com/kathleenesc    I also have a couple other pages where I post, that I would appreciate if you could give them a like.  https://web.facebook.com/boomergeneration/  and https://web.facebook.com/KathleenEscalera.norwex.biz/  which is actually, Kathleen Escalera Online Networking.

I appreciate that you have read this far and would love to have you come meet me on my page.

Kathleen Escalera, 

Online Networker 

This article was published on 05.01.2017 by Kathleen Escalera
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