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The value of Bitcoins has skyrocketed throughout 2017 from a low of just below $900 to a high of close to $10,000. Predictions are that the growth of the bitcoin is headed to a value of $25,000 to $50,000 by the end of 2018. Caution must be taken if you are considering investing as history has shown that the value could fall just as dramatically as it could rise. Day to day predictions of the value is a gamble, but the chart below shows a very positive trend for the past 2 years.

bicoin value chart

Looking at this chart, I regret I did not purchase multiple bitcoins to have sold them when they hit their high in December 2017. At current prices, it would cost thousands of dollars to purchase enough bitcoins to profit greatly if the value continued the growth pattern we have been watching. If you have the funds to do so, good luck with your decision whether or not to invest in bitcoins. For myself, I have figured out a no risk way to collect FREE satoshi (a fraction of a bitcoin) and profit as they  grow in value.

I started with the assumption that 1 bitcoin equals 1 bitcoin. With this as the premise, it really doesn’t matter what the USD value of a satoshi is until I am ready to cash out as long as I collect free satoshi from paying sites. With this in mind, time is my friend because the more time it takes to earn the minimum payout the more value they represent when I do collect from the faucet. In other words, the 25,000 satoshi collected on is now worth almost $4.00 instead of the $2.50 when I first started. At this time, one interesting fact I have found is that faucets tend to reward more satoshi when the value of bitcoins goes down which means that it is wise to collect more free satoshi when the bitcoin value is reducing.

I have created a faucet list, MAKE MONEY NOW, which is updated regularly that includes helpful hints and how-to details that you may find of interest. Some of my favorite sites that have been paying as they indicate and are among the easiest to collect from with minimum pop-ups and easy captcha include Box Bitcoin, Busted Faucet, Time for Bitco, Chronox, Sun Btc and WeatherX. Each of these faucets have a minimum withdrawal requirement, but as stated before the higher the value of bitcoins the more worthwhile the collection. Get your Bitcoin and World of Bitcoin are 2 faucets that pay upon request hourly and are equally as easy as those already listed (make sure to claim the bonus each time you see the small present).

To get started, visit MAKE MONEY NOW

This article was published on 27.12.2017 by Jan Terry
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Make Money Now - Bitcoin faucet list, Free to join

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Donald Ketterhagen Remember that they aren't making anymore BTC and that a Bitcoin Multiplier is worth more than just the price of a bitcoin. Ask me for more information, and check Jan's Links.   4 years ago

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