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My IDLife Business Made a DIFFERENCE in MY LIFE!

I recently joined an Amazing Company. It is called IDLife. Before IDLife I had high blood pressure, and severe headaches due to a recent vehicle accident in December, 2015, where I was thrown from the front  seat of a bus. My first day taking the Nutrition, Just for My body, Individual Designed, (IDLife) I felt immediate relief. I have not had a headache since. 

What makes IDLife so Amazing is that we are not all the same when it comes to Our Bodies, we are UNIQUE, and our Nutrition should be, too. It starts simply with a HIPPA COMPLIANT FREE Health Assessment  taken online, in the privacy of your home or office at Within minutes you will have a printout of what "YOUR" BODY NEEDS based upon the information you gave: family history, medications taken, eating habits, lifestyle,  etc.

My blood pressure was the 2nd thing I noticed a positive change other than sleeping better and having an overall sense of well-being. 

We have several testimonies. One in particular I love. A lady was to have a heart stint put in. After 5 weeks on the IDLife, she was told "your heart is fine, go home." IDLife has partnered with the Diabetic Association. Many are coming off of Diabetic medications. We can make no Medical Claims, however RESULTS speak for themselves.

Being associated with various MLM, Direct Sales, and Vendors from many companies, we have had Beauty Health and Wellness Expos and have realized that many people are seeking Healthy Alternatives to their Medical Condition, Side Effects from certain medications, and want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the IDLife products are: SLEEP for sound restless,  deep sleep. Sports drinks called Hydrate and Energy which taste amazing. Our children's vitamins, shakes and health bar is delicious. The men also have a bar, called HIS bar. For weight loss and maintenance we have LEAN to help build lean muscle while helping increase metabolism. For Appetite control we have the Appetite chews as well as the Energy chews. The shakes taste simply delicious and are added as an excellent MEAL REPLACEMENT. 

IDLife is ONLY 2 years old and is said to "change the way we purchase our vitamins." We are not a One size Fit All kind of world anymore when it comes to NUTRITION. IDLife is going to CHANGE the HEALTH INDUSTRY with this NEW WAY of Taking a FREE HIIPPA COMPLIANT Health Assessment; and through many Studies, Tests Pharmacist and Doctor driven experiments, we have something that will REVOLUTIONIZE the HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY. This is a Game Changer.

Here is how to get your HEALTH BACK ON TRACK.

This article was published on 31.03.2016 by Bonita Smith
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