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The Business I'm representing is Lyoness, now if you never heard of us, well you Definitely will in the near future as we are expanding rapidly. So your question probably is, so what is this Business all about?

Cool, Thanks for asking, We are one of the world's largest Shopping Communities and if you want to Build a Business that opportunity is also available to those who are serious because you being in a Network group, then you know that Networking is one of the Highest paid Businesses. We also help the SME's (Small Merchant Enterprise) grow their Business through our Customer Base, that is members of Lyoness. Currently we have 5Million+ members world wide and in South Africa we have 60 Thousand members, but bare in mind that Lyoness is only 2 years in ZA after 6months negotiating with Nelson Mandela.We also support the Child & Family Foundation + GreenFinity. Watch the video on my website, it will give you a better idea what we are about. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Below you will find my info. Please send me your area where you reside so I can find the closest training group for assistance. 

Big advantage if you have a Computer or Tablet.Why! because when you become a member then you get a Free website to see all the activities in Lyoness.Now just remember it's Free to be a Lyoness member,however if you are Serious about building a Business then there are cost involved because as you know any Business requires liquidity(money). But if you cannot afford it right now,that's ok because you can still score on the shopping side in Lyoness.You can build a Network with Family, Friends and Neighbors.This is how it works.When you Shop at any of the Shops that are in the Lyoness Network then you receive 1 to 5% Cash Back + Shopping points.When you recommend Lyoness to your Family, Friends and Neighbors, you receive .5% of all their Shopping through the Lyoness Network.

This is Awesome because you not Selling anything, but you earn off everything you purchase through the Lyoness network.It's a win win situation.Therefore as you grow hopping Network you place yourself in a Better position to become a Premium Marketer.We are Open about Everything and there's No hidden agenda.If you own a Small Business(SME) and join up as one, then Lyoness helps you Grow your Customer base through our membership who will now be eager to buy your products through Loyalty to earn Cash back & Shopping Points.
Become a Member of the Lyoness Family by clicking on the link below: Your Future starts NOW!!

Please don’t get confused by the terms

Lyoness & Lyconet.....

Lyoness: is the Shopping Community Section.

Lyconet: is the Business Building Section

Eugene Barends  (Lyconet Premium Marketer)

Phone: 0824797307

Skype: eugeno6



My nature is to add Value to other people's lives.

People don't care how much you know until the know how much you CARE

This article was published on 07.09.2015 by Eugene Barends
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