Hope you are doing wonderfully well 

With great enthusiasm I wish to shear this idea with you

If you are like me, the first time you joined a network marketing business, you thought it's a place to jump in and make few bucks and jump out

Yes that is true , you are not alone. I thought that too, most leaders in network marketing never join the industry to become professionals. In fact 99% of anyone joining this industry comes in with the mindset of making some money quickly without serious work

Maybe the first business presentation you attended, you heard the presenter tell you that you will bring in two and your two will bring in two and so on.


Daz a lie 

I have been in network marketing industry for over four years now I have never seen it happened that way.

In my first network marketing company, I was told that I'll have to introduced 5 people who will also introduced 5 and so on.

Although by default daz how it should have been if everyone were to be able to recruit

Despite the fact that most leaders know that it doesn't work out this way, while they are presenting, they won't care to let new people know that it doesn't work that way because they want to make it look easy.

Now get this..... this is the only industry that you will do the most difficult work.

I know you may be hearing this for the first time.

But it's true.

You will have to work harder in network marketing industry than in any other industry

IF anyone tells you otherwise it's a lie.

From experience I have known that the scenario of you getting your two and your two getting their two and so on doesn't work. 

It's for you to understand that you have to keep on recruiting until you discover your 3 to 5 leaders that will build your team for you.

And you've got to understand that you will have to talk to as many people as possible before you discover these leaders.

Many networkers are still yet to believe that if their network marketing business is to succeed it's up to them.

Unless you get your key leaders that will passionately build their teams, you won't enjoy network marketing.

You won't succeed in this industry anyhow, you will work harder than you expected. 

It will be more difficult than you were told when you joined.

Unless you understand this, you may decide to run home when things get tough.

Leaders understand that this is where they will be doing the most difficult work that is why they welcome any setback with open arms.

This industry is preparing you to be 100% resistant to any adversity that is why those who are pro in network marketing, get paid big money.

The good news is that irrespective of how difficult this industry is, networkers are succeeding every single day.

Networkers are earning 6 figures every day.

They are living their dreams .

If others can do it, you too can do it.

From experience, I know that once you start feeling like giving up, you are about moving to a higher network marketing phase.

This is a point where you should thank God because you can only germinate after you decompose. 


At some point it always feels like God is pulling you back which he will eventually let you go... and the farther he pulls you back..... the farther he pulls you back, when he lets you go,......

....... boom ... massive success.

Irrespective of the hard work you will put into building your business, it will be worth it 

This is the only profession that you enjoy countless benefit and still become a better person in process.



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This article was published on 10.06.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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