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How To Make Money Online Like CEO?

Recent crisis thought a major lesson- having a job is just not enough. Most people had to stay home or work from home. Some got paid, but most did not. Brutal lesson indeed.

But even before the crisis, a job (just over broke) is not enough. It may pay the bill and support your day to day living. But not enough for you to sustain major crisis or make you financially independent. Basically, in your regular job, you are exchanging time for money. That is, you work for 1 hour and you get anywhere $15 to $100. Most people work 40 hours per week for 52 weeks. At $15/hr., you can make $30,000 per year. After taxes you may get $23,500.

If you are at high end, $100/hr., you make $210,000, but only $145,000 after taxes. If you are at lower end of scale, there is no money to save. As matter of fact, most live on debts. Now if you are fortunate enough to be at high end, you could save about $25,000 year. But you will be working all your life to save $1 million. You may want to ponder, what good is $1 million when you are likely to be over 65 years of age. Then who knows what the value of a dollar will be.

Many have learned from crisis that Jobs are temporary. Your health is wealth. It is necessary to have money- cash flow.

There are solutions. For most folks, it is to get engaged in online business (biz) activities. It is essential that you select biz that will produce revenues. Beware of scammers who will promise you astronomical earnings. Those are hypes promoting get rich schemes. Best to stay away from them. These promoters will fool you with numbers, false testimonials. They are designed to make the founders rich, but you the big loser. It is to be noted that you can make big money online in time, but you will not make money online instantly.

You need to get involved in promoting any biz that offers products/services that keeps consumers healthy, makes them wealthy and/or leads them to being happy. Once you have determined that, then you need to ensure that company has long term track record. Since you will be conducting your biz online, it may be advantageous that company functions locally, nationally, and globally. The company must also compensate well and reliable. If the company offers proven and tested marketing systems, that will be a big plus.

Though your online biz should be geared toward offering products/services for your clients so you could make money. Check here now! The company offers you compensation in 6 major ways- your own efforts, your teams efforts, residual income, guaranteed retirement income, rewards, and legacy.

This article was published on 28.05.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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