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Steps To Get More Prospects On The Phone When You Call Them

getting prospects to call back

How many times have you called prospects or leads, and got a live answer?

Well, for some, it seems like a huge effort and waste because no one answer or calls them back.

But, don't let this little obstacle effect you.

Instead, read on here and find out how you can increase the number of people you speak to on the phone, by following a few simple steps.

I will share with you my own strategies I use, that gets me in touch with most of the leads I generate.

So I hope you get massive value from today's business announcement, and put these tips into practice.

It's A Common Thing

I will first say, that getting a lot of no answers, or lack of call backs, is common.

In network marketing and MLM, it is common as well.

As a matter of fact, it's common in most industries. Since caller I.D was created, the no answering became an actual issue.

So don't let this bring you down, or believe it's just you.

Instead, learn the process I use myself, and watch those numbers increase.

What Are The Steps?

If you are interested in learning the 5 steps to increase the amount of call backs you get, then I highly recommend you check out my latest blog post.

In my latest blog post titled How To Increase The Amount Of Prospects You Contact When Most Won;t Answer The Phone I explain the 5 top steps, tips or ways you can reach more people and gather a decision.

Be sure to visit this post, and while you are there, leave a comment and share.

Or, if you don't like reading text so much, you can always check out the video below in this business announcement where I cover the 5 steps I use to contact as many prospects as I possibly can.

Do The Steps Always Work?

The steps I lay out on my blog post, do in fact work.

But they do not work on every single prospect you get.

There are always people who simply don't call back.

But, with a large number of leads to contact, it will increase the amount of people you speak to by a large number.

In some cases, I get upwards of 90% of my leads to contact me, and I am able to collect a decision.

In worst cases, if the leads are bad, I can pull in about 20% of people reaching back and collecting a decision from them.

The average is more around 50% of all leads, I get in touch with, using these steps below.


Do You Call Prospects And Leads?

If you are using a telephone and calling leads, leave a comment below and let us know.

Comment any tips you may have for getting more people to call back.

Also, be sure to send me over a connection request so we can connect here on MLM Gateway!

P.S Do you want me to place paying customers in a downline under you? Just take this free tour here and I will get to work calling leads, and getting new members onto your team.

This article was published on 15.04.2019 by Jaye Carden
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