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Earn as You Walk: Unleashing the Income-Generating Power of Daily Steps

SmartSteps is a mobile app that utilizes blockchain and Web 3.0 technology

How would you like to go for a walk, jog, or a run, do housework, dance, or hike, and get paid for every step you take? What if I told you that as a community, as we take steps we would all be mining a cryptocurrency coin that must increase in value as we all walk?

110 million plus people are walking on another program, not getting money, but receiving coupons or gift cards… No more! Move over to smart steps to earn money to pay your bills!

This app needs no name, no email, no telephone number. It allows privacy by just showing your step count from your phone.

How do we get paid?

The second you are done walking, push stop, swap our mined cryptocurrency coin from the smart step app, and send it to your external wallet. The money is there to be turned into cash. Instant gratification!

Find out how you can earn every day doing something you already do!

WALK the dog, in the mall, on a job

JOG on the treadmill, in your neighborhood

RUN while playing sports, on a track, at the Park

DANCE to a workout video, at the party (phone in shoulder purse or pocket) in the mirror!

Daily Steps, Daily Rewards

Accumulating steps has never been this fulfilling! We offer various ways to earn cryptocurrency daily through your physical activities:

Outdoor Adventures: Take your exercise outdoors and explore new places while earning crypto for your steps.

Indoor Challenges: Don't let bad weather hold you back. Engage in indoor workouts and still earn money.

Community Competitions: Join community challenges for a friendly competition that keeps you motivated and rewards your dedication.

Health Challenges: Participate in health-themed challenges to not only improve your fitness but also boost your crypto earnings.

Social Sharing: Share your progress with the community and inspire others to join the movement. Earn additional crypto for every engagement.

Join us on this exciting journey where fitness, finance, and cryptocurrency converge. Let's start moving towards a healthier and wealthier you! Remember, every step you take brings you closer to a brighter future.

Join our daily presentations. Send me a message for details. Request my free App registration link. 

You can contact me directly here:

Blessings in your daily walk!  1 John 2:6

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This article was published on 13.09.2023 by Marina Jacobs
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LGM Enterprises, LLC - WalktoEarn, Free to join
Paid for steps straight to your decentralized wallet daily.

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