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Revolutionary healthy fat loss supplement arriving in the UK

Hi I'm Matt, I have been a personal trainer for 10 years. I specialise in golf fitness and weight management. I like to try exercise programmes and diets before guiding my clients towards them. The diet I have found I have most success with is the ketogenic diet. Picture yourself as a native human, eating as clean as possible. If caveman couldn't get it, you can't eat it....although if a caveman was offered a chocolate bar he would probably have eaten it so we are not ruling out life's treats here!

Some of my clients struggle to achieve this diet as it is energy draining and it takes a while to get your body to that fat loss ketosis zone.

A few weeks ago I researched a product called Pruvit Keto OS. OS stands for operating system. For those of you that don't know, ketosis is a state where your body uses fats as energy rather than carbohydrates. Obviously resulting in fat loss but a whole load of other health benefits. Well this product said you can achieve this state of ketosis within an hour of taking a serving! That would help my clients for sure. 

One of my contacts in the fitness industry had started importing this already so I spent a few hours on Skype with him learning all about it! finally I tried this product and think it is brilliant, I have so much energy and I'm not eating many carbs. I'm also burning fat, roughly 1.4% so far, sleeping better and I generally feel more focused in life, that's after 10 days or so.

Anyway here's a link to how the product works..

Please contact me if you wish to try the product at

So the business opportunity part...

The product is not yet available in the UK, so if you click on the website you will see a message saying it is not available in your country.

My contact has however been successful with Pruvit to work a method so we can start promoting the product before it launches in the UK. We are receiving high levels of stock. The MLM scheme is simple, you promote to customers and promote to potential promoters!

We are in the MLM business in the UK right from the top level and have a fantastic opportunity for you to join us and achieve with us as we build a dominant UK team. 

Australia are 5 months ahead of us with this and have created $500,000 worth of product in 5 months!

I am new to this but super excited with the potential. Please contact me. 

This article was published on 15.10.2016 by Matt Brinkley
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