What strategies do you prefer to build in network marketing? You have options

To be frank and transparent, I am starting fresh with Isagenix building a team.  That's ok.  I don't mind starting over.

I have learned some lessons about network marketing.  There are many things that work, and some will work faster than others.  The method and strategy you use depends on your budget, attitude, and knowledge level.

There will be rejection to deal with to a degree no matter what strategy you use.  Getting no response from one or more individuals is the same as rejection, and we can't let that make us negative toward network marketing.

Network marketing is the one business model and profession that gives any individual a level playing field to make as much money as that individual is willing to work for.  Note, I said willing to work for.

The hard work is actually managing our emotions.  It is both easy to start and easy to quit.  

We can't just approach 10-50 people, maybe get rejected by 60% of those and then decide it doesn't work.  We do have to hit the numbers, and approach as many as possible consistently in order to sift and sort.

Once you have sifted and sorted as many as necessary until you find the right people, then you train those people and show them their options.  You will make money off your continued efforts as well as the efforts of those people.  Over time, your income grows and you continue to grow as a leader and communicator.

Social media is a very popular option for many.  I am personally not a big fan of social media.  I do have a presence on social media and I work to put out value in my posts, but it is not the strategy I prefer.

I prefer to buy solo ads and guide people to my emails.  I also buy leads, so that I can contact those who are already looking for something online, they just don't know what.  Many of those are looking for a lottery ticket, meaning they want easy money.

You have to sort through those to find the ones that have a work ethic and some grit so that they will actually work.  

That may be the hardest part for many.  You have to accept that there is unknowns as you prospect people.  You might find the right people somewhat quickly, but it might take hundreds to find the right people.  Nobody knows the answer to that and we all deal with those time periods of having nothing to show for the work we put in.

However, even if you back up and let yourself calm down from any frustrations for awhile, which I have done, and then get back in the game, you do find yourself winning at some point.  Nobody wins at anything 100% of the time.  As your skill increases and your consistency increases, your percentage of success increases.

If you want to talk more about this, message me here.  You can also visit buildnewincome.com.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day


This article was published on 31.10.2021 by J Moore
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