Why Are You Letting Procrastination Kill You??

You say “I’m not”, I say “Of course you are. Just take a minute to imagine what your life would be like if you never put things off for another time. You say you want to go back to school and wow, like magic, you actually do it. How much different is that than the “Someday I Will…” A new you would awaken and life would be unbelievable. Dreams would be coming to life all around you because you made it happen. You would be reliable and constant. No more depression and bad feelings — you would be alive. 

 Taking baby steps daily, is all you need to keep procrastination from killing you.

So, what is something that you’ve been putting off for a long while now? It doesn’t matter what it is, only that it is still waiting for you to complete. Meaning to schedule an appointment? Have a subion you’ve been meaning to cancel? Did you buy that healthier eating cookbook? Start an online business?

Ok, now that you have it, what is one baby step you could take right now toward completing that task?

  Don’t Be A Victim of Procrastination

Here’s the most important thing – GO DO IT NOW!! Don’t wait. Action is the cure.

See what you are doing right now? You’re giving me a list of reasons why it has to be put off. “Procrastination is Killing You.” If it’s humanly possible to do it right now, do it right now. The step is small, but the transformation will be great. If you can follow through on this, you can do anything.

There is an awesome quote that I love by the Spanish community. “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”

Do you know why this is? Simply, because we all procrastinate. We waste time, scrolling hours on Facebook and other social media, delay, hang around and diddle dawdle.

Whatever the task, whatever the excuse, let’s work on living and not letting the evils of procrastination kill you. No more scheduling tasks for tomorrow that can get done right now.

 Three Ways To Stop Procrastination from Killing You

1. Ask yourself, “What’s stopping me?” People procrastinate for many reasons. Some fear disappointment, or that they will not be successful. Some view tasks as being unimportant and no hurry to get to. Others just don’t want to do something because it is boring or too big of a task to handle. When you know the cause of the problem it may open your eyes to a clear resolution.

2. Do a task for only five minutes. That’s it–just 300 seconds. Telling yourself you only have to do something for a fraction of time works wonders in stopping procrastination. 

It changes what appeared as this big, humongous job into an itty-bitty matter; Five minutes? Anyone who is serious about living can do that. And because getting started is the hardest part, once your five minutes is up many times you will find yourself completing another five minutes, then another, and before you know it, you have finished the project.

 3. Focus on the end-results. What benefits will you achieve when the task is completed? If you need to, give yourself a small treat every time you have reached a milestone (5 minute mark) this may motivate you to make it happen.

 The next time procrastination tries to kill your goals consciously tell yourself:

• It’s not so hard.

• It won’t take that long.

• I’m sure I can do it, or at least learn as I go.

• No one really cares about what I’m doing; they’re worried about their own problems.

If you have been procrastinating with starting a home-business visit us here.

Remember to share what baby step you are going to take TODAY towards stopping procrastination from killing you.

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This article was published on 20.11.2017 by Keinesha Johnson
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Charles Lenoir Great tips Keinesha! My fav quote is Procrastination is the enemy of progress! Thx for posting this!  2 years ago

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