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We are the next-generation Participation Marketplace.

Like Amazon Prime and Costco memberships, etc. Our members pay a monthly membership to get access to exclusive products and services that are offered through the marketplace.


In addition to saving money on essential purchases, our Members can participate in the revenue generated from the the Marketplace.


We have a real FDIC insured bank and the marketplace coming together, so our members get paid on swipes by using their debit card on everyday purchases.


Those who follow our done for you system, can be cashflow positive in under 7 days with the potential to earn a 6-figure income.

Would you like to know more?  

There would be opportunities to earn on mortgages, this is because we have a concierge service that would  give you not only the best rates but you would be approved right from where ever you apply on your laptop, or phone or whatever device you use, you don't have to go to the bank and waste hours, you would be able to do that from one application, save lots of money as well because charges will be waived or reduced, and then you will be contacted and you let them know exactly what you want to achieve and they do the work for you. for people purchases houses for example and people purchasing cars, the same thing applies with the concierge service whether you want a new or used vehicle, we find what you want at the price you want and you pay way below the Kelly blue book price for example, no hassles and it will be delivered to your door. For  people buying groceries, putting gas in your car, people doing every day life, trips to the pharmacy, entertainment, shopping, flights, hotels, ( way cheaper than what you could find on the internet) resorts, cruises, car rentals. You will earn money back on EVERY single purchase you make with the swipe of your debit card. The money that you make just on your swipes more than pays back for your membership. Also the money that you save from all the partners that we are linked with for example all the restaurants and the list goes on.

Susan Correia


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This article was published on 10.03.2020 by Susan Correia
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