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The Concept

Do you realize that your mobile phone holds apps that track your location when you go to a restaurant, or to the grocery store?

You have, in most cases chosen settings to track your whereabouts, though you may not realize it. Other apps will continue to snoop and track even when you think you have turned them off. 

Even more notable, while you sleep, some apps share information with companies you have never heard of. Keep reading, there is revenge coming!

The Issue

What happens with that data? Well, it's being SOLD to third parties, who then supply the advertisers with detailed information on your whereabouts, how you live, and especially how you shop.

Have you ever looked up an item on your home PC and then found many ads about that same item on your mobile hours later? Or maybe you have visited a certain restaurant or specialty store without using your phone, and found a notification asking how you liked the visit?

To some, this may seem intrusive or an invasion of privacy, however, it is the price of technology today. Even with the off switch, we cannot avoid advertiser tracking completely unless we find one of those classic Nokia phones that send out no data or a special encrypted phone.

The bottom line, advertisers pay for your data but no one pays you for the access, until now

The Revenge

The solution is the revenge. How would you like to install a $3.99/mo app on your phone, allowing you to hold a location or event in memory where you are, or where you have been?  As an example, Facebook allows live feeds, and Walmart can direct you to items while you're in the store.  Where did you meet your spouse or what is the name of that resort in Cancun you visited?   USEFUL dataEarn income by just sharing this useful app with others until you reach 10 people who follow your lead and do the same! 

Continue to share and have others do this until you reach 5K or more per month? All you have to do is share! Why stop at 10? There is NO limit to how many you share this with. NO requirements except to purchase the $3.99 affiliate subscription after the free installation! No catch!

Easy and Helpful

This is a no-brainer program that has been in development for over a year and beta-tested. It was free at the time, but now in order to pay out its users, YOU AND ME, and satisfy a requirement for Google and Apple, we pay this nominal $3.99 monthly fee.  

Better still, part of this monthly fee feeds a family of 5 through the Feed America Program. You can help someone in need just starting out, and give back to others even more as you earn more each month! Watch this video.   Instant Recall.  Here is my referral link if you want to begin right away.

Where Are the Details?

If you would like more details about how the easiest residual income generator can help you earn a living just by sharing and using the process of compounding, you must attend one of our live zooms on Tuesday or Thursday, at 6 pm CST or Saturday at 10 am CST. Our professional network marketer and community leader will provide information and marketing ideas. On the Sat call, those with a spiritual connection will hear how our maker tells us He would desire us to prosper so that we can help others. We have to make the decision.  Connect with me and I will get the link to you.  

This is too simple to be complicated. Once you find out what the app does and how it pays, it's up to you to share it and bring others to our zoom if you choose.  

What have you got to lose trying this program for a few months?  It's only $3.99 a month? Don't pass this up!

I wish you all many blessings!   

John 3:16                                           Note: This program is not available in Africa at this time.

This article was published on 15.05.2022 by Marina Jacobs
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