Drink Coffee, Loose Weight!!!!

www.MLMRankings.com rates Valentus #1 TOP PERFORMER of the entire MLM, (Network Marketing) INDUSTRY the last 6 months! If you are familiar with that ranking site, you KNOW what that means! Experienced Team Leaders AND Newbies alike have found success here!

Simple, only 4 products, all the same price. All natural products, no GMO. The Coffee not only tastes great but you feel the products benefits the first time you drink it! Great taste, appetite suppressant, enhances your mood, (andorphines :) curves sugar cravings, and talk about a Metabolism Booster, your energy goes through the roof!

Valentus is only 2 years old! Dec. 2015 Valentus had over $500,000 in sales, over $3,000,000 in June! That is UNBELIEVABLE and unmatched by no other company! Now is the time to get on board with this new breath of life to Network Marketing! We all WISH we gotten into Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, or any of the other MLM giants the first 2 years right? Well here's your chance, DON"T let it ESCAPE you, TAKE it now!

Last week someone reached Diamond level in two months, lots of people have got to Diamond in 6 months. The compensation plan along with great products are the keys to this success. Oh, did I forget the money back guarantee? 12 inches or 12 lbs in 24 days or Valentus will refund the 30 day plan!

Network Marketing used to be an industry people didn't take seriously, now, IT'S A MOVEMENT! $184 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY! That's bigger than the NFL!

This is NOT a business in a box, something that runs on AUTOPILOT, or any of the many pie in the sky schemes people sell you on the bases that you don't have to work. You DO have to work! But, it's fun helping people loose weight,  get healthier, make money,  and make their dreams become a reality! I will work with you, train you, and together we can go to the top!


Be sure to register, I will personally contact you and together, we will make a difference!

If you haven't clicked the reference site yet, think about this, How many people drink coffee? The answer is 80% of adults on this planet drink coffee! How about people overweight? The answer is 60% and in the USA it's even higher! How many overweight people have failed on diets, and felt even worse because of that failure, answer, almost 100%. Valentus is NOT a diet. Most of these people already drink coffee, all they have to do is switch the brand and add our two other drinks, Trim to be taken 1 hour before diner, and Immune, to be taken before bedtime. Most people want to become distributors to at least pay for their products. This also gives extra motivation because they are helping other people experience something that is beyond anything they have experienced before. How serious would a previous Cancer patient be if he could help other Cancer patients overcome Cancer?

So you have it all with Valentus, a great and upcoming company. Very high commissions along with residual income, fabulous products that almost everyone uses already, and of course me! I bring along over 30 years of sales marketing, recruiting and motivational expertise'.

They say opportunity only knocks twice in most peoples lifes, which is this one for you? The investment is $20 for all the tools and your own personal website. This is a one time cost, NOT $20/mo, just $20 one time! You can get 1 box, ($59) 3 boxes, ($119) 6 boxes ($199) or 15 boxes, ($499 Business builder) The business builder has by far the most perks, plus the best price/box. You start out at Ruby LEVEL, but we will get into all that later. The important thing is if you truly want to become part of a company that has been praised to be the #1 Top Performer in the industry the last 6 months, a company that can provide financial improvement AND benefit health, the time is now! YOUR TIME IS NOW!


This article was published on 15.07.2016 by Rd Ecksmith
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