Do You Have the Tools to Succeed?

It is a fact that 95% of people venturing into a home-based business fail miserably. Some will have the courage to try again while others choose to give up on their dream of financial security. The ones that do succeed, do so because of persistence, patience and using the right tools! Of all the people who headed west during the Gold Rush of 1849, only a small few struck it rich. Only ONE group succeeded every time without fail!

That group? The ones who sold the tools to the miners digging for the gold! The way to succeed with any business is to have and USE the right tools for the job. Ask any expert in the industry and they will all tell you the same thing...USE THE RIGHT TOOL, IN THE RIGHT WAY, TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE! We help you do that with tools that work. And, you can get paid to use these tools! All of us here (or at least most of us) have a program we are happy with.

Whether it's nutrition, affiliate marketing, travel or whatever. It doesn't matter! We all need the same thing...traffic, leads AND SALES! It you're not using the right tools, it doesn't matter how great your opportunity is... YOU WILL FAIL! 

Here is a list of some of the tools we offer (All for $59 a month):

* Web Site Communicator-Allows you to live stream with your customers while they are still on your site!

* Video Postcards-Give your visitors that personal touch by letting them see and hear your "Thank you" for visiting your site or making a purchase.

* Webinar Room-Host your own webinars like the pros at a FRACTION of the cost (use them to train your team members too)!

* VAPPSY- Let your customers become your sales people by leaving a video testimony of your service or product. Not at your computer? The VAPPSY app (free to download to any smartphone)  allows prospects to send a text message straight from their smart phone directly to yours...NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! 

Stop treating your business like a part-time hobby. Click below to see how you can get paid to use the right tools for business. We pay a 100% matching bonus AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR PRESENT COMPANY! Still not convinced? Click HERE now, and see the whole plan! Take YOUR business to the next level!

See you at the top!

Jonathan E. Rudd

Take my business card. Click HERE! I'll be waiting to help you reach your goals!

This article was published on 25.05.2016 by Jonathan E Rudd
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