The Humble Will Be Exalted!

Two of our Black Giants giants fell this past week.!

These two lives is  like the the falling of two mighty oak trees in the forest!

One to old age. And, the younger hero to Covid 19.

If you hear the news at all. These two giants were Ms. Cicely Tyson.

And, the brother was Hank Aaron. Know to many

as hammering Hank Aaron. Not only could he hit the ball.

Hank would clean up the bases. And, bring them all home!

He never cowered to those out to kill him!

Ms.Tyson is an icon to not only her people but to

the peoples of

the world. She stood for personal integrity. She declared

early on in her career to only take films that kept intact

her personal integrity. And, uphold integrity of Black People!

She was our Standard Bearer!

The movies that set this as her them was Sounder.

And, even more telling was her portrayal of Ms. Jane

Pittman. She was an Oscar Nominee and held Kennedy

Center Honors! Simply, one of the best!

Hammering Hank Aaron never took his eye off the goal.

Even though his and his family's lives were threaten

constantly by vicious racist. Still Hank was never

deterred as he became the Home Run King.

Hank Aaron not only broke  Babe Ruth's long standing record.

Hank 755 home runs exceeded Ruth by over 50 home runs.

It took 35 years before Hank Aaron's record was toppled!

In his career he made MVP 20 out of 23 seasons. \This

record may never be broken. What consistency!

It took 35 years before Arron hands over the title of  Home

Run King!

Off the playing field Hank Aaron  spoke with dignity

andboldness for Black Causes. Again;, Mr. Aaron  never

shrinks back!

He used his status to champion Black aspiration on

and off the field!

Black people do not need comic book characters. Their

struggle in America has created real red blooded action

heros. These two fallen giants are among the greatest of all!

We are grateful that you came our way! You have earned

your rest.

Rest In Power our Queen and King. Amen!

Coach Gaymon


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This article was published on 01.02.2021 by Coach Gaymon
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