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You Earn Because You Help Others Save

Most network marketing companies require two things.

First, there’s an upfront cost. It covers setup of your account and websites, and usually some initial purchase of products.

Second, there’s the autoship. You have to buy a minimum amount of product every month. This keeps product moving and gets everyone upline from you paid.

That’s how networking marketing works. Your customers and affiliates must spend money for you to make money.

What if… it didn’t have to be that way?

What if… the setup fees and monthly requirements were so low you could cover your costs without recruiting. Not the best way to do business, but it can work on a small scale.

A better way is to share this low-cost opportunity with others. That’s why we’re all here, right?

I have a low-cost monthly membership that allows you to save or get cashback on nearly everything you’re already buying.

The first level of savings is through phone apps. Make your purchase. Scan the receipt and get cashback or a credit for simply scanning the receipt every time. Point your phone and click.

You can save on gasoline. You can save on groceries. Fast Food. Clothing.

BTW, when you share the apps and others save, you get a little bit, too. For example, when your members buy gas with one of your apps, you get a penny for each gallon they buy. Not much, but it goes on forever as long as they use your app when they buy gas.

You earn commissions when your members join as Premium Members.

It only costs them $21.95 a month. It’s easy for them to save even more than that with the apps.

Your commission is $10 every month for every member you signup. There are bonuses and a loyalty matrix that pays you, too. They are all explained at the link I’m going to give you.

Because this is an MLM you know there are multiple levels of payment. You get paid down as far as 10 levels. You get paid every Friday. Where it is possible, payment is by direct deposit into your bank account. You awake every Saturday morning to a notification of how much New Money you have.

I don’t care who you are, that’s a great way to wake up. You don’t even need coffee first to understand that.

SO… what is it? Where is it?

Click this link to learn how you can help others live better while you do, too.

This article was published on 25.05.2023 by Steve Byrum
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Nexus Rewards - Savings, Cash Back , 31.95 USD to join

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