When You See What I See....

When you See What I See....

Value is determined by you and nobody else

     The beauty of network marketing rests simply on the relationship created. The word relationship is defined as  "the way in which two or more concepts objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected" (Dictionary.com).  Connection between people or concept. What a powerful statement, yet I witness people devalue this every single day. The humanity of getting to know someone has been replaced by automated technology from industry to industry. We claim this to be a "relationship" but really? 

     Our worlds move so fast we often miss the value presented. Network marketers tends to create a buzz to grab attention, hoping the first minute will draw someone. Hook, line, and sinker. If it doesnot, then we easily move to the next person. Value is lost and people miss out. This concerns me the most at a personal level. After spending 22 years in healthcare, worried about people I barely knew, I decided to seek value to ensure my personal world would stay far away from the worlds I had experienced. In order to do this I need to get to know people to ensure they would hear what I had to say. Afterall, it may make their life better. You see I have a simple philosophy....

     People want to be heard. We all have a great deal to say. Everyone feeling their words are more important than the next person's. I too always had a lot to say. Something changed just over a year ago. Instead of moving towards the "make money online" light any longer, I chose to listen. You see listening opened the door for me. It positioned me to "hear value" in a way that has enlightened my true being. Lett me explain.

     As a Registered Nurse for over 21 years, I often preached about prevention, risk reduction, and ways to avoid being a aptient. Afterall, 95% of the people I cared for (yup some did enjy being sick) were not happy with their situation. I felt helpless other than the usual "take these medications, watch what you eat, avoid smoking" - The same old speaches. I this day, evening, night, year after year. On the side I hustled with the "online income" gigs as fast as I can search for them. Money poured out, yet nothing ever came in. SOund familiar?

     Last March I decided to step out of my comfort zone and actually get to know a few people online. Yup that means calling them, having video meetings, and actual human interaction. Fast forward a year and I am finally going to meet many of these people I call "my online family" in person. All becuase I stopped and listened. The past 12 months has been an experience. One of not just value, rather connections and excitement. I can finally help people the way I was meant to. What a feeling that is. The most amazing detail you ask? Sure I will tell you: The more I get to know someone, the more excited I am when we decide together this is good fit for them. Let me share my most recent experience with you.

     I chit-chatted with Carlos thru the Shapr application. We had a simple connections. He a pharmacy technician and I a Nursing Director. It made sense to talk to Carlos since I had just left a pharmacy diversion conference. Hoping to reduce narcotic diversion, Carlos' profile jumped out at me. We connected and Carlos asked to talk to me in person before "business joining" would be had. I chcuckled since that is not what my family is about. As we connected in my zoom room, I found out many exciting things about Carlos. The more we talked the more excited I became. He became excited as well. Carlos saw what I saw and we both knew this would be a great fit for him. As I presented to Carlos, he kept stating "this is perfect for me, I need to get moving on this." I slowed him down as I hadn't even made it to the business plan yet. Then it dawned on me. The business plan was second becuase Carlos saw the same value I did. When the value is before the "income", the actual work is simple. 

      Connections are what make us human. SO many times I hear "its  a numbers game!" I want to cringe. My beautiful mentor told me during a strategy call "John you are pissing thru leads because your not talking to people and getting to know them." Best words I could have ever heard. Advancement after advancement is the result of her simple words. Stop and see if soemone finds value. If they do see if if it is a good fit. Know one is "joining" being "placed under" anyone here. We help people setup their own account after they see value and determine fit and we then help them share their value with others. Value must be determined by "you" and knowone else. I can;t force value, rather share the loyalty I know have for making a simple switch. The rest is mere "getting to know you". I ask you, "how is that for a business plan?"

I invite you to get to know me and see if we are a good fit for you

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This article was published on 15.03.2019 by John Green
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