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Are You Looking to Recruit Your Next Distributor on Facebook This Week? Read On

So it's no surprise that Facebook is most people's choice for prospecting and recruiting people into their business opportunity.

What's also not a surprise is how many people tend to make some very common mistakes when it comes to prospecting other people about that opportunity.

And it's these same mistakes that constantly keep networkers broke, frustrated and typically on the brink of quitting.

There are plenty of people on Facebook that could make the cut for your opportunity.

But when you add in everything that's happened over the past year and a half, there are way more people that are finding themselves in a huge rut.

And it's becoming more obvious that more people are looking towards the internet for some sort of solution for their situation.

This is where you as the honest networker comes into play.

And it starts with this 5-Day Virtual Experience With Only One Goal: Find YOUR Next Distributor on Facebook, and Recruit Them Into YOUR Business This Week From The Comfort Of Your Home.

The training for this can be accessed when you click here to get the 5 day challenge.

You might be getting immensely frustrated about so many people telling you "no" to you about your business opportunity.

But don't be fooled as there are many people out there looking for EXACTLY what you have to offer.

The biggest problem that we as networkers tend to do is trying to get to the sale too quickly without first understanding how their situation currently affects our prospect.

Yes, there are big problems going on within a global scale but at the same time, that isn't grounds for immediately pitching a business opportunity to someone who is struggling.

If you want to get your next distributor within the next week on social media, it's going to take a little bit of change to how you promote your stuff.

Luckily for you, the 5-Day Social Media Prospecting and Recruiting Challenge is going to teach you that and more when you click here to gain access.

So here's the bad news: It's not free.

The good news: It only costs $1 to get access.

I know I know, you were totally expecting something crazy like $297 or something.

Nope. Literally a single dollar.

But that might be perhaps the single most important dollar you invest into your business.

Because this could be the exact solution you need to start getting some fresh distributors in your business.

Quit reading this announcement! Check out either links above and start creating the momentum you need for your networking business!

This article was published on 03.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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