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The Hidden Lead Generation Tool You Might've Missed on Facebook...

We all know the deal when it comes to promoting our business opportunities on Facebook. (Well I imagine most of us anyways.)

Posting on our walls or in other groups tends to be the way to go in getting your message and offer out there.

And of course that's met with varying degrees of success.

Some people actually some interested folks to check out what they've got to offer while others are basically met with tumbleweeds and crickets.

Now for the brave folks, they actually do Facebook lives. 

This is probably the hardest and most anxiety-inducing thing you can do to promote something on Facebook.

Worst of all, even some of more authoritative networkers don't even see that much success in going live.

It was a big thing a while back but now as usual, Facebook's algorithm continues to change. And with that, so does the marketing.

But what if I told you that you didn't have to post on your wall or go live to promote your products or opportunity?

And what if I said that generating leads in Facebook could take as little as 15-30 seconds of work when creating content?

Because there's a little feature in Facebook that you literally all the time but probably haven't quite used to its potential.

That my friends is Facebook stories.

You're probably familiar with Facebook stories but did you happen to be aware that Facebook stories has now become the hottest way of attracting new customers and prospects?

I mean think about it. Apps like TikTok are practically taking over the space and all it is is short form edited videos. And people are wildly addicted to that stuff.

Which is why one of the rising stars in network marketing wants to show you exactly how she uses Facebook stories and even Instagram and TikTok to blow up her business and getting people to ask her about her offers.

You can catch the entire free demo and training when you click here.

There's only one thing she wants you to do first...

She simply wants you to suspend your disbelief when when she shows you how simple it is to create content that will attract people to your offer in just minutes or even seconds a day.

No need for posting on your wall, no need for anxiety inducing lives where you have to nail it in one take.

Just a few minutes a day creating simple Facebook stories and you're already creating attractive content for your prospects!

Be sure to check out the free full training and demonstration when you click here to attend.

Generating leads on Facebook doesn't need to be a slow and painful grind. It could actually be a fun and fairly simple process!

It's just a matter of you putting the things that are working to work.

This article was published on 18.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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