Do you know what a guaranteed paid sign up is?

How are you today?

To be direct, a guaranteed paid sign up is a part of coop advertising that members are allowed to buy into within Now Lifestyle.

Now Lifestyle will help members build their down line, and in network marketing a down line is the hardest thing to build for most people.

The guaranteed paid sign up coop is open a big percentage of the time and only closes long enough for Now Lifestyle to get things processed for those members who invested.

I have invested in as many as I can each time the coop is open and my commissions and my downline are growing.  It is the most duplicatable way to grow a downline that I have seen in any network marketing company.

The hardest part of network marketing is finding like minded people who are open minded enough to learn to think differently and build a network of people.

When I found Now Lifestyle and realized Joel Therien was in charge of it, I knew it was a solid company.  He is an aggressive marketer.  He built GVO and Now Lifestyle is backed by GVO.

He said in a video he understood that building a down line is the hardest thing to do in network marketing.  So, he has been able to solve that problem to a large degree by allowing members to buy into the advertising Now Lifestyle does.

When members buy into the coops they get a piece of the results of the advertising.  Now Lifestyle finds like minded people through their advertising and distribute those who chose to join among the members who bought into the coops. your downline is growing and then a member's job is to contact these guaranteed paid signups and help them with any thing they need help with.  

Members can invest in these guaranteed paid signups and can also invest in paid facebook leads.  Both coops produce a solid email list and it's our job as members at that point to follow up with our leads.

So...the point of this article is to help you understand that if you have struggled to build a down line in the past, you don't have to struggle building one with Now Lifestyle.

You can sign up for a 7 day free trial here and get to know the site. 

You can contact me by phone @ 256-504-7222.

With Respect,

Scott Moore

This article was published on 14.05.2019 by Scott Moore
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