Being consistent is not easy.  The reason for this is because life can get in the way.  The biggest thing I have learned to try to do is develop a solid game plan and learn to adjust.

We don't want to stray too far from the original plan.  Even if it means only doing two sets of an exercise that you normally do 4-5 sets of, those two sets keep you in the game mentally.

Our mindset is the key.  Our physical bodies will follow.  If we let ourselves get beat mentally for very long, then we are in trouble.  

How do we keep from getting beat mentally?  We do.  We recognize that we are struggling and we just do whatever it is that we know we need to do.  We do until we can get back to the original game plan we developed.

We have to have  a plan, a structure that we follow and believe that it can deliver the end result that we want.  Sometimes there are step by step things we can follow, which makes the plan easier to stay with.  We can develop a written plan based on research, reading, and listening.

We all need some kind of structure to accomplish something.  Some things we can plan out mentally, I believe, and do fine.  Others we need to sit down and put some thought into and develop a written game plan.

We want to be as consistent as we can with exercise.  Exercising our body is the starting point for living a full life and having a clear head to make good decisions.

I also believe we want to learn to listen consistently.  As we enter conversations with people, be attentive and listen to whatever they have to say.  Outside of really offensive or obnoxious people, most people just want to be heard.

I guess it can be said that offensive and obnoxious people want to be heard too.  We simply don't waste too much energy on these type people.  End the conversation and walk away.

The goal is to consistently make people feel good at the end of a given conversation.

I think getting better at being consistent is a life long project.  I'd like to know your thoughts on this.

I hope you enjoyed the content.

Enjoy your day

Scott Moore

This article was published on 03.08.2018 by Scott Moore
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