Charity Begins Nathi


�We are an organization dedicated to bringing financial freedom to the local and global communities.

� We are a global network marketing company dedicated to change lives. 

�Our company is made up of great people with great experience in the global marketing industry, connected world wide and have travelled all around the world growing and connecting with people.

�To be financially free it does not require much fortune from you. 

�Every success started from the ground, growing stage by stage till they grow successful. 

�Everyone can make it in life no matter who you are. That is where we come in, we are here to help every ordinary person around the world create a dream they never thought will come true to become their realities.

�We are an organization partnering with people all over the world to increase their wealth; we reach people of all categories, both privileged and less privileged.

 �Join us and take part on a financially free offline and online community. 

�We will help you grow, develop you and partner with you to reach financial prosperity. 

�Simply recruit people to join the community of amazing people with only R100 ones-off, no recurring fees, only once and you are a life time member. 

�Start earning by recruiting a number of 6 people in your tree. �The more people under your tree the you will be moving from stage to stage earning as you grow. 

�At Charity Begins Nathi, you will be personally developed, whether it be properties, cars, holidays and or travels and vacation you require, through us you will embark on a journey to your financial wealth, both helping yourself and others around the world 

STAGE 1: After introducing 6 people to register under you, you will earn the total of 60Rands

 STAGE 2:To complete the stage 2 you need 6 people that have completed Stage1 under you to join you in stage 2. TOTAL PAYOUT = 120Rands & 150Rands Bonus

STAGE 3:for you to complete stage 3, u need 6 people that have completed stage 2 to come and meet you in stage 2. TOTAL EARNINGS =840Rands & 260Rands Bonus & Tablet Smart Phone worth 900Rands   

you automatically move to stage 4 STAGE 4

To complete the stage4 you need 14 people that have completed stage 3 under you to join you in stage 4.

 join today with R100 only  and become a member of this charity organisation and  make a difference.

At the completion of stage 4, there is going to be 

3,000Rands & 1,000Rands Bonus will be credited to your bank account.

Laptop of 4,000 Rands

Pick n Pay grocery of 2,000Rands

Medical Aid

Marketing Allowance of 500Rands


You automatically move to stage 5 STAGE 5

To complete the stage 5

 You need 14 people that have completed stage 4 under you to join u in stage 5.

Plus 35,000 Rands & 5,000Rands Bonus will be credited to your account.


In this same stage 5 you're given Holiday to Sun City Cabanna Hotel for 2

2,000Rands Pick n Pay grocery

you automatically move to stage 6

 STAGE 6: Stage 6, to complete stage 6 you need 14 people that have completed stage 5 under you to join you in stage 6 at this stage, you earn 224,000Rands & 4,000Rands


A Car worth 200,000Rands

10,000Rands Grocery

Edgar's Clothing of 10,000Rands

 Medical Aid and you can go and do all kinds of check up. All expense by the company.

contact me today to join on my whatsapp +263 773 033 403.

This article was published on 29.03.2019 by Rose Gwatiringa
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