9 July 2016 22:13

You are working 30 days a month

You are earning say 120k every month

You probably have a wife with 2 kids, plus extended family to take care of

Do you know what your daily worth is? It will shock you!

Now let's do the maths :

Your 120k a month is a paltry 4k a day(for you, your spouse, kids and extended family)

Now spread the take home pay to everyone who makes up the home,

If you are very generous, you will probably give your wife 2k( for upkeep and other sundry expenses)

What about specific welfare or needs of your 2 kids(School bus, lunch break snacks.etc) let's say 500 each.....making 1K

Guess what you are left with.. As your daily worth....

1k....Yes just 1k......less tha $5 at prevailing market rate...... Is this enough for you..... Let alone extended family (Brothers, Sisters, Parents.etc)

If you don't think you need an additional source of income then you are the biggest joker...... Even the Federal Government is seeking to multiply her source of income

You see, the problem that is deterring a lot of people from making it is because they keep listening to the news and they strongly believe it that the economy is bad. Truly, economically speaking, it is correct, especially in newpaper. But it is not in reality nevertheless

This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Esther Okoji James
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