Why have the costs and hassle of a Health and Wellness MLM?

I was tempted by one or two of the numerous Health and Wellness/Beauty MLMs out there, after all the Health, Wellness and Beauty industry is worth literally BILLIONS of dollars every year and just keeps on growing.

However a few important things held me back:

  • There is always a start up fee (This irritates me from a multi million dollar company who will ultimately make money from me on the sales I make)
  • Oh my GOSH! then there is a monthly ongoing fee - don't get me started
  • Often these companies want, or even insist, that YOU buy some products to stock and sell
  • Then the only way to increase your income to a reasonable level is to get out there and RECRUIT others and mentor them to do what you're doing

Now I don't know about you but to me this seems to be an expensive and high risk way to set up your business, especially if you are brand new to the industry and don't have an immediate plan on how, and to whom, you are going to try and sell the products/services to OR how you are going to find other people who will invest.

As an 'affiliate marketer' I know that what I do is by far the best way to make money online and with ZERO risk so I set about looking for something that could fulfill the Health and Wellness Niche on an "Affiliate" marketing basis and BOY did I find something good:

Let me introduce you to Market Health

This company has been around since 1998 and has a HUGE range of quality products that you can promote and sell without paying a penny to anyone. 

  • You register FREE
  • You can browse through hundreds of top quality products which can be shipped worldwide
  • Choose what you want to sell
  • Get your own special link to your landing page
  • Promote, sell, get commission (USUALLY 50% EVEN ON RECURRING ORDERS)
  • You don't pay any fees
  • You don't buy stock
  • You don't take orders, do shipping or follow ups
  • You don't have to recruit (although if you refer anyone and they start selling on their own - you don't need to be their mentor - You also get 5% of their sales value)
So I joined and it's great. There are several payout methods and they also have many country specific offers where the landing pages are in that country's language.

My advice: Don't do all the hard work for an MLM company. Do it for yourself, and at your own pace. No Targets, no hassles, No problems. What you earn is ENTIRELY in YOUR hands

Click here to see Market Health and sign up

See you there


This article was published on 24.02.2017 by John Ward
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