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The general public is now more interested in science than in some previous years. Our lives depend on that science knowledge. Just washing our hands with soap and water helps improve our health. All the healthy, independent people over 100 that I know wash their hands often and often eat sardines. I know this from working with many centenarians. One thing you haven’t heard much on TV, except in commercials for expensive treatments for skin, hair, and erectile dysfunction (ED), is the role of glutathione. This is where our company is playing an important role. By sharing medical journal articles and our own experiences, we are informing the public of a product with 60+ years of research behind it. Various articles show you can improve your hair, your skin, your energy, your health…  We share another way you and Centenarians can improve our health.

Generally, glutathione goes down with increasing exposure to air pollution, stress and poor diet. People often say with age, but, it is with time of exposure to stressors, and so on. You can be healthy with age. In fact, centenarians generally have increased glutathione. So levels go down and then go up. You need to have the precursors and also other components that our product provides. The whole glutathione molecule works in extracellular areas like the blood but struggles inside cells. Inside cells is where it is most needed in many cases.

People in our Boomerang 100 Health and Wealth Group have experienced many improvements in how we feel. We can’t cure anything. But we do supplement with a food product that is easy to prepare and helps our health. The highlight of the product which makes it so desirable now, is that much research shows it improves immunity. The neat thing is it is in the PDR and is GRAS, generally recognized as safe.

You can come onto my website,( and go to Resources (on the Join Tab) and then in the left-hand column, click Science. You will come to a files available in English and Spanish (French is also available) and you will see refereed medical journal articles presenting the results of well-designed experiments.These articles show even more ways the product is beneficial. Even better, you do not have to be a scientist, or even like science, to benefit from the product. Also, our team will show you a way you can afford it and earn commissions.

Our company has great reward trips. The next one will be to Germany, all paid in full. Find out how you can win it.

If you would like to order product or join our consultants, please contact me before joining on the website as I can show you how our investment group does it and also how you can save money. I can also tell you when our next webinar FREE training is.

I would like to invite you to join us. Message me if you want to improve your immunity and also make money from home or anywhere. Thanks for listening.

J S Shipman, Ph. D.

This article was published on 26.09.2021 by J S Shipman
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