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If you hated Writing you will love writing, and this is why…

If you did not know,

It Pays.

Yes, it pays good money.

Actually I would have ended this article after the words “It Pays”

But if I did, you would have never had the chance to read this, because it would have never been published, either that it is too short, or that “no content”.

Nevertheless, let me tell you this: “It Pays” could be the shortest and most rewarding piece of information you will ever read in your life, if you are interested in making some extra money online, just doing the things you normally do online. The only difference is that you will have to change where you are doing those thing to start doing them on bitbillions.

Not sure what you have been doing online till now, but if you can log in, update your profile, post a comment about what you did today, or post a picture about your recent trip or vacation, then you can make money. Yes, that is exactly what pages @ bitbillions has made available to millions of internet users around the word.

If you have been using Facebook and posting there, or posting on yahoo questions/answers, that is great. Keep doing the something, but just do that on pages @bitbillions. Anything you have been posting on Facebook or plan to post on Facebook is your content and actually supposed to get rewarded for that, but that has never happened and will never happen.

How do you actually feel to learn that the co-creator and CEO of Face book is turns 32 and makes $4 million daily? Yes, daily, not in his life time, not yearly (Read Full story here). And your activity and the content you post on Facebook contributes partially to this huge earnings?

How much do you currently earn being on or posting stuff on Facebook? If you said nothing, then you are not alone. Millions of people are like you. They spend 30 minutes to 2 hours daily on Facebook, creating content, but only one person gets paid for it – the owner (s) of Facebook. The most disturbing thing is that these owners hardly post anything themselves and they do not even know you! Is that misdirected charity or what? And to show their appreciation to you or to others, they even created what is called Facebook Jail.

I used to be like you too, until I discovered Pages @ bitbillions. I spent years posting on Facebook, but I have never received a single Dime for all that work, yet all my postings help bring traffic to Facebook which means money to then. I even invited lots of people to join Facebook – No Reward from Facebook for that either. Pages @ bitbillion has changed the game, and some smart people are taking advantage of it, and hopefully you too would. With bitbillions, you get paid for anything you post, period.

Pages @bitbillions - Profit when you post.

For any activity you perform on pages @ bitbillions, you get paid for it. Whether is posting articles or picture, or even inviting others to the platform, you get paid. Better still, if you invite anyone to join pages @ bitbillions, you get paid for any activity they perform, and these are not just onetime payments, you will be earning ongoing monthly commissions from all the income your content and the activities of people in your downline generate.

Bitbillions itself provides a great deal of information on how you get rewarded than I can possibly explain here. So please, join bitbillions today for details and how you can start profiting from your online activities starting today. Click here now to for details.

And Remember button to join bitbillions is top left

Good Luck.

Pete Ade

This article was published on 12.06.2016 by Pete Ade
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