I'm crazily excited today because I've got something massive information for our team members who are building their network marketing business mostly online

Firstly I will like to keep things in perspective here. 

 many at times networkers get overwhelmed with lots and lots of network marketing trainings that they get confused on what to focus on, they get unorganised with the method to use mostly when it has to do with leads generation. Well, I wish to let you know that all you need to do is to pick two or three methods that works for you depending on your strength and focus on it. 

The main thing in network marketing is reaching out to alot of prospects and your duty is to find two or three methods that will enable you to reach alot of prospects.

For me my methods include blogging, YouTube videos, and WhatsApp though I'm trying to incorporate other platforms so that my pipeline keep filling.

These are the channels I use in generating leads for now.

I don't expect you to use my approach, all you have to do is to know where your strength lies then use that strength to carve out a niche for yourself.

If you are good at inviting prospects to seminar centres kindly do it so well develop yourself in that area 100%, if you are good at using Facebook to reach out to prospects kindly do it well, read things on this method, you will be shocked at how your business will grow. Any method you choose depending on your strength, focus on it and used it to generate prospects.

Note that top earners in this profession are those leaders that have developed themselves in a particular area of their strength so well that they continuously have alot of people.

The main thing is reaching out to many people using any method that is convenient for you, by so doing you have recruit. 

For the best of my knowledge, no two top leaders build their business the same way though initially when you are new in the industry, you can use your upline's approach, if it works with your personality, you can continue with it but if it doesn't work with your personality, your duty is to discover how to generate leads using your area of strength. that is how to reach out to a larger number of targeted prospects 

Below are different ways you can generate leads for your business. Try not to use all the approaches,

Pick two or three ways and start developing yourself in those areas. You want to become a network marketing professional, so the earlier you discover your area, the better for you. 

After going through this post, you should know what  to start working on from today so that you start becoming a professional in that area.

Below are different approaches you can adopt;

65 methods you can use to generate leads





Yellow Pages®





Buy Leads

Networking Groups

Email Contacts

Phone Contacts

Flea Markets

Yard Sales

Health Fairs

Trade Shows


Solo Ads


Drop Cards



Bandit Signs

Car Magnet

Car Sticker

Business Cards

Classified Ads

Door Hangers


Fish Bowl

Bulletin Board

Public Speaking



Email Signatures

Blog Comments

Forum Comments

Guest Posting

Article Marketing


Facebook Live

Fund Raising


Cold Calling

Reverse Prospecting

Pay Per Click Ads

Church / Church Newsletter

Chamber of Commerce

Join Ventures


Google Business Listing

Facebook Contest

Your Team Members

Join a Few Meetups

Newspaper ads

Flea Markets

Job Fairs

Unemployment office

Laundry Rooms

Collect cards from bulletin boards

Seminar centres 

Networking events

Like I said earlier, pick two or three methods from this list and start using them when you are good at those ones, you can adopt more.

If you ain't generating leads for your business, you will always be frustrated. You will always wonder how other people are recruiting, you will think that network marketing isn't working.

A side note; figuring out your approach is one thing, giving it time to grow is another thing. Your inflow of leads through the approach you adopt will depend on your knowledge on how to use that approach. If you want quick results, expand your knowledge faster in your approach. Read more about them. 

DISCLAIMER: these are not the only methods for generating leads these are the ones I know.

There you have it guys, these are my 65 methods of generating leads for your network marketing business. What are your thoughts?? Do you know other ways one can generate leads? Kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

I am MAC-FRANCIS EDEM a network marketing professional currently I am a diamond director in my company my aim is to develop many leaders in my primary network marketing business click here to join my network marketing business WhatsApp group

This article was published on 19.07.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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