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How to become a doTERRA wellness advocate

The doTERRA wellness advocate is an ambiguous title, because those who are considering joining doTERRA may not register that a wellness advocate is in fact a rep, distributor or even a consultant.

So, what is a doTERRA wellness advocate?

In simple terms it is an essential oil wholesale distributor and someone that shares doTERRA oils and their other products with their customers. Their products can be shared in person or using online methods such as blogging. The marketing method a wellness advocate wants to use is really a personal choice, however many run classes or do party plans in customers homes. However, online or internet marketing methods are becoming more popular. This method allows someone to become a doTERRA distributor and to run their business from anywhere in the world and share the products and business 24 / 7.


Why does doTERRA call their distributors wellness advocates?

Interesting question without a clear answer. However, I am guessing that the leadership and founders of doTERRA wanted to make it clear that their distributor didn't just want to sell their products to the customer. They also wanted to help them with the health and wellness needs.

The main mantra of doTERRA and the wellness advocates is the idea that we all can all live a healthier lifestyle.

What are the other names used instead of doTERRA wellness advocate?

The other titles often used is:

  • doTERRA rep / representative
  • doTERRA distributor
  • doTERRA consultant
  • doTERRA advocate
  • doTERRA retailer
  • doTERRA member

All these title mean exactly the same thing.

doTERRA wellness advocate

What type of wellness advocate do you want to be?

If you want to be a essential oil distributor with doTERRA, consider now how much do you want to commit to the business and how serious do you want to be?

  • Do you want to get your products for free? Well, then you need to invest 3-5 hours a week and personally enroll two customers a month.
  • Do you want to supplement your income? Then you need to invest 10-15 hours a week and enroll 4 customers and a builder a month.
  • Do you want to replace your income? Then you need to invest 15-30 hours a week and enroll 8 customers and 2 builders a month.

How to become a doTERRA wellness advocate

The process to join doTERRA is quite simple. The main problem is deciding what type of starter kit you want to purchase. So, here are some questions and tips that may help you make a decision.

If you only want to get products for FREE, purchase one of the smaller kits like the Simple Solutions Enrollment Kit.

If you want to supplement your income, purchase one of the medium sized kits like the Healthy Start Enrollment Kit.

However, if you are truly serious about running a doTERRA business and making lots of money, purchase one of the larger or even the largest kits such as the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit.

Once you have decided who you are and what type of wellness advocate you want to be, the next stage is joining doTERRA. To become a doTERRA member click on the link below, however if you would like more information about becoming a doTERRA wellness advocate click on the "Learn More" link at the top of this page.


This article was published on 05.11.2021 by Steven Jackson
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