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I am looking for new network marketers to joing my business called the exciting thing about this business is that you don't sell anything. All you have to do is give away a free shopping app and it will do the work for you. The app helps people find the best products that to help them save time and money, as they start to save time and money, you also start earning money. You can earn money in both ways they are two types of ways you can earn money with shopping sherlock. usage income and team comissions. Lets start with usage income is when you give the app for free to customers and when they sign up they start to use your app as the use your and share it to their  friends and families you start to earn money depending on the level of activity, as they save time and money your saving begins to grow. Now lets talk about team commissions we all start as an affiliate the cost of the business is $240 to join the business and pay your monthly subscription of $49 per month. The first level is start affiliate when you enroll two people from the right and left you $100, if one person from your left or right team enrol someone you earn $50 dollars, if you enrol another two you earn $100 if your team from both side enroll two people you earn $50 same applies  to the second stage is power affiliate on this level you only need four people to recruit and you don't pay any monthly subscription, the third stage is global power affiliate you need twelve people to reach this rank you need to have eight power affiliate and four global affiliates personally enrolled by you and the four stage is diamond affiliate. The two stages global and diamond are the highest rank because you become the co-owner of the company and you earn quart of it profits, its like these two ranks are break throughs to earn you the financial freedom that you require in your life.  However, if you enroll twelve people in the first week of your business as a power affiliate you could be earning up to $20,000 dollars a week if your team are active and they are paying their monthly subscription, same as to a global affiliate.  There is no limit to the number of people you enrol on business so you can recruit as many as you like. 
This article was published on 05.06.2016 by Lombe Chelu
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