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Someone once said that to be successful you need to find which way the world is heading and get there first. Travelwise the world is definitely moving towards Sky Way. 

Sky Way is going to change the way the peoples of the world travel for the better. It will revolutionise transport across the globe, the world needs Sky Way. There have been massive technological advances in recent times, especially in communication. However, the transport systems in many countries across the world are poor.

Sky Way, because it is an elevated railway, can improve chronic congestion in big cities, with it's "urban" Sky Way trains. It can improve travel in poorer countries as it is projected to be much cheaper to build than conventional railways. As it is elevated it is much more aerodynamic, reducing energy consumption, so making it less costly to run and MUCH GREENER! 

I emphasise the MUCH GREENER because in London recently we were advised not to take children under the age of 5 outside unless it was absolutely necessary, because of the heavy pollution. This is the 21st century for goodness sake! Sky Way is also projected to be much safer than conventional railways. It has an anti-derailment system and the elevated nature of the track means there are no cars or people to hit. Their high-speed trains travel at an impressive 500 kph (312 mph) and their cargo trains will shake up the antiquated, and very slow, way we move freight. The list of benefits is literally endless.

 At the moment Sky Way is using a crowd investing scheme to raise $200 million so they can showcase their technology further.They are in the process of obtaining Certification for their " Urban " Sky Way at the moment. Then they can start building and they already have Billions of $'s  worth of contracts lined up. They have a contract just signed for $922 Million to connect cities in India, called "smart city". Big contracts lined up with Australia and Russia etc and are in talks with Canada, Turkey, U.A.E, Ireland, The Philippines, Tanzania, the list goes on. SkyWay had the first ( public ) demonstration of their technology at Eco Fest July 1, 2017, present were representatives and heads of 159 countries. Interest is " genuinely " massive across the world. IPO should be 2019.

 SkyWay is the next big evolution in transport, it ticks every box. Fast forward 5 years and it will be huge, the potential is stratospheric. $8 invested in Apple at the start would now be worth $700 million. It isn't just about the money for me though, it's about reducing the pollution and seeing a quantum leap in the way we travel. This is a "proper" business opportunity. I hope you register with us on the link below to find out more.  It is a chance to buy "heavily discounted" Pre-IPO shares in Sky Way and you can also recruit other people and receive money  (8%). There is much more to Sky Way than transport; High-Tec Cities, plans to take "heavy industry" into Space, to combat pollution! (Space Way)  Sky Way even has a way to Combat Desertification.

 It is a very straightforward opportunity. There is no downside and there is absolutely no obligation to "buy" anything. Good Luck and Good Health to everyone. Always Have Hope. CARPE DIEM! Here is the link.

This article was published on 19.03.2017 by Paul Dolbear
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