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Top 24 MLM Recruiting Tips: Recruit Like a Rock Star

Today, I'd like to share a list of my top 24 MLM Recruiting Tips. These are just some tricks of the trade I have learned during the past 17-years.  They are listed in no particular order. 

1. Recruit up, only talk to people at your level of motivation and success, and higher.

2. Every prospect is a prospect for life; a no today does not mean no forever.

3. Use third-party tools for your presentations and remove yourself from the equation. Be the messenger, not the message.

4. Qualify prospects before sharing a presentation with them. Find out if they are open minded and looking first, before you waste your time sharing a presentation.

5. Don't expect your prospects to make a buying decision on the first exposure.

6. The fortune is in the follow-up, most prospects will need 7 to 20 follow ups before they buy or join. Be patient and stay in touch.

7. Look for people with prior network marketing experience, they are your best prospects.

8. Keep your presentation short and simple: 10-20 minutes max, because most people have short attention spans. Ideally, use a third party-tool, such as a video, to do the presentation for you.

9. Before sharing a presentation, find out what the other person wants, but doesn't have, and then tailor your presentation to that. Simply put, identify a problem and then offer a solution.

10. To recruit more people, talk to more people AND better quality prospects.

11. Work on your skills. The more skills you have, the more valuable you are to your prospect. Skills pay the bills.

12. People join people, not businesses, be someone worth joining. This means you set a good example and do the things you want others to do.

13. Be the type of person you want to recruit. Always set a good personal example.

14. Recruiting someone is step one of your relationship, not the final step. The real magic happens AFTER they sign up.

15. All leaders are recruiting focused. Recruiting gives you the LEVERAGE that network marketing offers.

16. After you recruit someone, it makes more sense for you to help them recruit someone than you go and recruit someone else.

17. Focus on tap-rooting, recruiting in depth, that is how you secure your legs and get massive duplication. When you sign someone up, help them sign someone up. Then go work with that new person. Repeat this process over and over in depth until you find your leader.

18. If you suck at personal recruiting, focus on helping your team members recruit.

19. Check your breath before talking with people. The last thing you want to do is "knock them out" with garlic or onion breath.

20. Always keep your prospect pipeline full so you never run out of prospects. If you add a few new people to your pipeline daily, you will sponsor new distributors every month, just what you want.

21. Recruiting is a process, not an event. Develop a simple series of steps for your prospects to go through. Your job is to get your prospects to go through ALL of the steps in your recruiting process. If you do that, you will be a recruiting machine. 

22. ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS ask for the sale at the end of your presentation. You miss 100% of the sales you don't ask for. Even interested prospects will not typically sign up on their own. You have to lead people to a decision without using pressure or hype.

23. What you lack in skills, you can make up for in numbers. This is known as "The Law of Averages." Even if you can only close 1 in 10 people, you will be a recruiting machine by talking to hundreds of people each month.

24. If you are brand new or inexperienced, leverage your successful upline to help you recruit. You can do three-way calls with them or third-party validation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my top 24 MLM Recruiting Tips. None of this is rocket science, but if you follow these tips you will be a better recruiter.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. 

About the Author

Chuck is a top recruiter and top earner in his company. He builds his business 100% online using attraction marketing and paid advertising. You can visit his blog to learn his best MLM Lead Generation Strategies or to Learn How to Build Your MLM Business Online

This article was published on 20.10.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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