TDCOne Corp - Combining the hottest tips in Crypto with the best programs in MLM

Come join a winning team.   We are cryptocurrency consultants who work with Crypto development teams on strategies to get their coins from speculation and development to launch and a real market economy.  

Our first offering will be the biggest thing in crypto in 2018.  And you will help that become a reality.   We are combining a winning MLM program with the hottest tip in crypto.  If you join our team we will give you the proper information so that you can get set up and ready for when the insiders announcement is made.   It's a win win.   Our hard work is yours to take advantage of and you are joining one of the hottest crypto MLM's in the world today.  

It's free to sign up.   And the tip will be free as well.  There will be a tiered release on the tip, so some will get in before others.  Below are two links that bring you onto the team.

Here is the tip breakdown once you join.

Tier #1 - Purchase 12 Bitcoin packages and you will be part of the VIP Group.  First notified.  You will get documentation on what you need to be prepared to buy in on the tip once it is released.  There is going to be a large influx of capital in this coin, and for those that become VIP Members you will get notified before this money comes in and will be told the coin right before the buying begins.  Giving you a ground floor opportunity like no other.   

Tier #2 - Purchase 1 to 11 Bitcoin packages and you will receive the same set up info as Tier #1, the only difference is that you will get the coin reveal as the buy is in progress.  The price of the coin will have increased a min of 5x before we can reveal it's name to this group.  Still giving you plenty of opportunity to make big gains that day

Tier #3 - Free no purchase necessary.  The coin will need to do a 10x prior to the reveal of the coin name to this group.  This group will be given the same documentation on how to prepare for this momentous event.  There will still be a lot of value for this group as well.   

We have secured an investment group who will commit over $20 million USD to this coin, a large portion will go in on Day #1.  This will be one of the most talked about events of 2018, if not all time.   

The idea of MLM and their power have grown on our company.  We see the future of work to be more of a decentralized workforce, with the MLM model being more of a norm that anomaly.   Compared to a paid sales force, that costs companies in numerous ways, from insurance to paid time off, etc.   The incentives the MLM model creates make it a perfect solution to the trimmed down corporations of tomorrow.   Anyone paying attention to some of the ideas coming out of the Ethereum project (another cryptocurrency) would see that their is a shift toward fully autonomous corporations.  As developers put more and more responsibility into the hands of the software and less and less in the hands of humans.   That won't happen overnight.  But corporations will look for ways to cut costs and increase productivity.  The MLM model fits that new workplace and would be one of the first steps most corporation take as they 'automate' their industries.   

TDCOne Corp was founded by Thomas Conley.   Mr. Conley has 23 years Fortune 500 consulting experience and has been involved in cryptocurrency since Feb 2010.    His interests are in the future of work and the future of currency.  His prediction that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 in the first quarter of 2020 is getting a lot of exposure based on the interesting arguments he presents.   

Come join us, we have multiple opportunities with winning MLM's and another special opportunity.  We are looking for someone who has created an MLM in his or her past as we are looking on turning the MLM world on it's head with a new idea for funding.    This one will be the top MLM for 2018 and beyond.   

This article was published on 25.11.2017 by Thomas Conley
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