Why Follow up is Essential

Please take time to read the below announcement and digest it. Do NOT just read the announcement but be prepared to take action. I have helped thousands over the years in their business and can surely help you to. I believe this like I do for every one of my team members "Where you are is not Who you are because Who you are is greater than Where you Are right now".

Follow up is essential to managing an effective online and offline business, regardless of the niche. Many clients will not �make a decision to buy on your initial interaction. It may take as much as 10 interactions before they are at the buying stage. 

You must also take into consideration their financial situation, the value of your product, cultural norms and the legal aspects.

Just sending clients to a site do NOT work either

You should know that seeking to make a sale on the first interaction is like trying to go all the way on the first date. You lucky if it happens but chances are it will not and the more you try the farther you going to chase the person away.

Follow is KEY

Below is my proven six-step process on how to make 6 figures in your business.

1) Connect with the potential client✔️

2) Find out what the prospect needs are✔️

3) Find out where they are financially✔️

4) Show them how you can help solve their problem✔️

5) Follow up with them✔️✔️

6) Follow up with them✔️✔️✔️

7) Create a plan to get to their goals✔️

8) Hold them accountable for their goals✔️

9) Encourage them✔️

10) Show them help how to help other✔️

Show genuine concern for helping solve their problem. Don't sound like a cheesy car salesman or a dude desperate� for a date. Be organic and authentic.☘️��❤️

No matter how good you think your product is, people will not buy until they trust you. People buy from people, not companies. And believe it or not, people do Not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

I just have given you some Golden nuggets. 

I Hope you got great value out of it and now hit the ground running crushing it in your business.

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My goal is to help as many as I can while I can.

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Lets Go Future Millionaires!!

When people don’t think the way you do, your goals and ambitions can sound like arrogance.


This article was published on 29.04.2019 by Ashield Hodge
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