September 21, 2015: According to the most recent data, rates of obesity now exceed 35 percent in three states (Arkansas, West Virginia and Mississippi), 22 states have rates above 30 percent, 45 states are above 25 percent, and every state is above 20 percent. Arkansas has the highest adult obesity rate at 35.9 percent, while Colorado has the lowest at 21.3 percent. The data show that 23 of 25 states with the highest rates of obesity are in the South and Midwest.  The yearly update shows more and more people are getting


It is an epidemic......

Here is the GLOBAL Obesity epidemic report.

MEXICO AND BRAZIL are the 2  countries most highest in the global epidemic

of OBESITY....not further behind and catching up everyday is the

UNITED STATES!!!!.......and will soon be the LEADER.

you see it more and more....people

are getting fatter and fatter and being disabled an have to

be in a wheel chair.

Wherever you look...even in a small town with just 2,000 to 3,000 see

OBESE people who needs help in losing weight......would you like to help them?.

I know they don't want to stay the way they are....many of them who are

 with money and still working are nearing a stage where they will lose

 their jobs because of the obesity problems.

Their bosses........even though they don't want to fire them.........have

no choice but to let them go because they are getting in everybody's

way.  Fast food restaurants have limited tight space to work

  in and it slows down the service......even regular restaurants

 need employees who can move faster and not get in the way

 of customers and co-workers.  Help them lose weight...tell them

 about this program that will change their lives....make them healthy

 and have a longer life....OBESITY is one major cause of death.

1 in 5 American deaths are associated with OBESITY!!!

Help them!!!  Show them this program that will make them healthy.

First join the program under me as a Independent representative

where you will earn commissions.....then invite all those people

who need help to get back to their healthier side...and also earn money!!

Our problem is we are allowing our diets of tasty junk foods to conquer


YES, I love those big macs too.........and now I no longer have to worry....

even if I eat one or two of them a day....I no longer gain weight...

How would you like to be healthy and fit and trim like these people?

.....and yes....even if you are now can lose all those

 excess fat...just by drink a cup of coffee a day.......and make money!!!!

I tried everything .....even tried the starvation diet...

but nothing works for me.....can anybody help me???

YES, you can now help him








Join the program under me and I will place people below

you......and soon you will be counting money and continue counting

 every month....hundreds to thousands and growing and growing

 when you help the people you see all around you to lose weight.

Help them....yes, please...they need your help?

 Do them a GREAT FAVOR....that they will thank you for

 all their lives.....also make them count the money they will

 earn when they become and Independent Representative.

Join me and I will place people below you.  Help people lose

 weight and make money!!

I want to take you to a website I created yesterday....on the top

of the page....I featured the program....and I added a

clickable link that will take you to the lose weight program.

Remember that website....bookmark it when you get there.

Bookmark it by just holding the "ctrl+D" 

When you join under will get a website and I want you

 to look for the link that says: "My Enroller"  click on that link and

you will see my email address.....shoot me an email with the

 subject line "Chief I signup under you...start putting people under me"

 Follow me....see if you can join as many of the programs

I listed on the website and it won't be long before you can

afford to buy one of this.....

a vacation home away from

 the city for family get together and enjoying life and earning

 a continuing monthly residual income that just keeps growing

 and growing because you are helping people solve their

 problems of OBESITY.....and allowing them to make money too.

You could be living in these homes by the lake as

early as next year.....and money is

no longer a problem.

Follow me and you and I can be neighbors

and I will continue to make you RICH!!!!! Do yourself a favor and BOOKMARK this website

 and join as many of the programs as soon as you

can.  Become my neighbor and mentor and

instructor....I will make you a MILLIONAIRE


This article was published on 08.06.2016 by Rafael Cruz
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