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Posting on Social Media about Your Opportunity and Struggling to Make Sales?

It's no secret that a ton of us getting into the networking space get really excited about what we just got into.

We start posting about the biz thinking we can generate the same excitement and buzz that we had when we first got into the business.

But then it happens...

Basically nothing.

Barely any engagement, nobody saying yes, all of the things that networkers typically dread when it comes to their posts.

But wait hold on a second: why are other people posting about their business and getting different results?

How are they enrolling other people in their business?

There tends to be one big thing that many networkers are missing in the space.

And that's the concept of not really having any authority within the space.

You might not know this, but the vast majority of networkers who are succeeding within the space are the ones who have built authority for themselves. And that in turn attracts other people to them.

But what is the real definition of authority and how do you get it?

All can be answered when you click here to check out the instant authority video series.

But that begs the question:

"Don't you have to already be successful in the networking space to actually have authority?"

The answer is a resounding NO.

If that were the case, there would be no successful networkers in the space.

So how did they establish authority while still either being new to the space or new to their company in the past?

The biggest one I believe is the idea of creating value in the marketplace.

Why does simply posting about your business and putting a link in your post not an effective strategy?

Because that's not valuable to the marketplace.

A business opportunity will never have value in the marketplace at large.

But knowing a little bit more than your audience and sharing your knowledge with them most certainly is.

Just because you're not a master of networking doesn't mean you're unable to teach other people the value of network marketing to others that don't know anything about it.

The impact of What you teach and the value you give will always massively exceed that of ever just talking about a business opportunity.

Do this, and people will eventually turn to you as being an authority and have a greater chance of joining you in the space.

And starting off on your journey to being an authority can start when you click here to learn more about how to create instant authority in your business.
This article was published on 29.05.2021 by Kevin Williams
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