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Learners always look out for their own prefrences when they stream into your eLearning platform. When they find that their prefrences can’t be customized soon there will be a reduction of customer base. So, course customization, relevant course recommendations, and interactive learning experiences are what drive learners today. 


An eLearning business must be ready to embark on a mission that is capable of reforming its business model, guided by the belief that knowledge empowers and rewards. So, the aim was set to create a platform that offers both learners and tutors a chance to earn while they learn. This is an innovative concept of that helps in merging education with income-generation. This is dynamic and promising as the idea itself.  

Increase course engagement through an improved course creation module  

Course creation can take many levels. Simplifying the process is what MLM solutions aims to do first. It can be achieved by implementing pre-designed course templates and authoring tools. With such as implementation is ensured uniformity in course design. The drag-and-drop feature has the ability to accelerate the course creation process. When the authoring tool is enabled, then the incorporation of interactive elements like assessments, quizzes, and interactive study materials takes place.   

Within this context, we also get to know about the multimedia integration feature which allows the seamless addition of various multimedia components. These components are added to the online content library, including videos, animations, quizzes, and course assessments. A feature that MLM solutions must specifically tailor to enhance active learning and maintain course engagement.   

Learners can also be provided a blended learning experience. This can come with a combined live training with self-paced learning. The outcome is that it enables them to easily grasp topics and progress at their own speed.   

The feature does not stop with tailored solutions. MLM platforms also take into account that the eLearning businesses are able to boost enthusiasm among learners and maximize course engagement, gamification tools such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards. This creates an agile learning environment and fostering healthy competition among learners.  

Monitoring the extensive distributor network  

The next feature that eLearning businesses can make the best use of is implementing an MLM genealogy tree. This provides the organization with a comprehensive view of their distributor team because of the tree structure. In this existing structure, you can notice that there are details about individual distributor which could be instantly accessed with a simple mouse hover.  

This is an immediate visual representation that encompasses significant information. It includes individual sales volume, earned commissions, rank, and more. When eLearning MLM businesses has this feature then it enables sponsors and leaders to gain a thorough understanding of their downline's performance. They can also quickly identify areas that needs special attention. It also empowers sponsors to strategically position their downlines for enhanced profitability.   

Such a positioning not only benefits the sponsors but also helps downline distributors by increasing their profitability through favorable placement within the organization. Here, distributors gain insight into their personal performance and their place within the organizational hierarchy. 

This article was published on 07.11.2023 by Noufal P Bava
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