It's Not Too Late To Declare Your Independence

In a regular 9-5 world, most people were off work celebrating the day that the USA declared its Independence from the British. Some were even lucky enough to get Friday off too.  

Were you one of the unlucky ones who had to work?

Did you have to cut your 4th of July festivities short so you could prepare to sit on the freeway, deal with road rage for an hour, only to get to work to fake smile at co-workers you can’t stand?

Or how about having meaningless conversations in the breakroom and pretend you’re really interested?

If this sounds familiar, hold tight there is a better way.

It starts with a decision to change your situation and declare your independence.

The first thing to do is to really delve deep into thought about what it is you truly want and then what’s holding you back from getting those things. The #1 reason I hear is FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

What happens if... 

I fail?

My family rejects and ridicules me?

No one buys my products/services?

These are all legit questions and concerns to address. In the end it all boils down to how bad do you want it? How BAD do you want to be able to design, create and live the abundant, extraordinary life you were created for?

Take the FIRST STEP Towards Creating Your Independence

1. Determine how you will make a money source that will give you the freedom you deserve. If you’re currently employed you will need to be able to replace this income with more passive streams.

Think of things that come easily and naturally to you. When you were a kid, what were the things you could do with little to no effort, things you stuck with when others gave up? For some it was math, others it was fixing cars, some just had the gift of gab to easily connect with people.

Find your natural gifts/talents and put them to work for you

One of my favorite quotes from Jim Rohn is, “Work hard at your job and you can make a living, work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

You’re been making someone else rich far too long now. In order to create your independence, you need to make yourself rich. After all, we know that profits are better than wages. There is the invisible glass ceiling that you will hit when working for wages, but profits are unlimited.

Personal development is key to this transition, who do you have to become to be able to learn the principles and disciplines it takes to become a millionaire?

The best part is you can start on building your riches part-time. No need to quit your day job (Just Over Broke) until you have replaced that income with your side hustle. Build a residual income that comes in like clockwork month after month without having to do any additional work for it.

Passive income is how you are going to be able to declare your Independence.

To see what I’m doing to declare my Independence CLICK HERE.

Til next time… I look forward to sharing in your Independence Day!!

Keinesha J.

This article was published on 08.07.2019 by Keinesha Johnson
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