Network Marketers can now create customers with Proximity Marketing

For a couple of years, big box stores like Urban Outfitters, CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy and the Gap have been using Proximity Marketing Systems to attract customers into their stores.

This trending new technology is now being used by top network marketing leaders in over 400 companies using the device described in this free training .  

According to Beacon Sage. Beacon technology is growing extremely quickly. To get an idea of the rate of growth, consider this, in-store retail sales influenced by beacon-triggered messages in the United States in 2015 reached $4.1 billion. In 2016, that number is expected to increase to $44.4 billion! By 2018 it is expected that there will be 4.5 million active beacons with 3.5 million of those being used by retailers. Non-profit organizations and event venues have recently begun using beacons as well. The applications for beacons and proximity marketing are still being discovered, but one thing is for sure: the next time you go shopping, you will be engaged. 

What Is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing allows marketers to communicate  with potential customers, within their proximity via their mobile device.

This can take several forms: It could involve setting up a geo-fence, so that customers who pass within a certain distance of a store receive a message or see a special coupon offer. Or, in a business that has deployed beacons, opted-in consumers could receive beacon-triggered messages while shopping in the physical location.

However with new technology, opting in to receive messages and promotions is not required with updated platforms that operate with the popular Google Nearby app. No longer do marketers need to invest in high tech complicated computer systems and beacons to benefit from this new, trending technology.

Many entrepreneurs and network marketers are now caring portable beacons on their key chains, backpacks or purses with them daily. These Go devices create leads for their products and services daily.

Becky Dawson promotes her weight loss product automatically, daily as she travels to her full time job and home each day.

Here messages simply says “Drink Tea an Lose Weight” with a link to her lead capture page.

Becky say “The process is very simple.

I simply go online and type the 40 character message & clickable link I wants to appear on cell phones within 400 yards of my Proximity. Potential customers click on my link, go to my website and learn more about the products our company offers.

My results have been so profitable I now use 8 Asirvia Go units creating leads daily. “My dad has one in his car, my 3 children have Go’s attached to the backpacks, and a couple of my friends who work in large office complexes carry these Go Units in their purse for me daily. 

I create customers, daily, automatically, without ever talking to a person. My entire team is starting to use these Go's and our team is growing quickly”

Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers who want to learn more about this new lead generation technology can view the free training at

This article was published on 09.02.2018 by Dale Calvert
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