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When used in conjunction with the right product line, MLM is the most powerful marketing system on the planet!

My name is Sheldon, and I am the co-founder of Eternal Digital Assets Corp out of Toronto, Canada. Our company, and the product that I’m about to share with you, were both featured in an article published by Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and over 200 other media publications, just 1 month ago.

Team EDA is looking for a global leader in network marketing or company with an extensive MLM downline to market our new web3 website builder, QuickBuildV1. We simply want to expose our product to the power of MLM. We aren't demanding any up-front payment or set-up costs, (although that will have an influence on our decision).

What is more important to us is having a world-class MLM network with the platform, management, systems, and network already in place and at the ready. As proof of our belief in our product, MLM, and the perfect “fit” between the two, our team will be compensated in the same way as everyone else: by holding positions in the MLM compensation plan.

You may have heard about Web3, and the opportunities and setbacks that it brings. We have a product named QuickBuildV1 (although we have a white-label version that can be renamed for you). It is a DIY web3 website builder.... the first of its kind in the world!

I've told our sales team that I believe that QuickBuildV1 is the perfect product fit MLM. The reason why I am convinced of this is because I've already seen this play out before.

I was in my late teens and early 20s during the internet boom. Anything to do with the internet or websites turned to gold! During the late 90s and early 2000s, there was an MLM by the name of Skybiz2000. It was a DIY website builder. The cost of it was approximately $200 down and $125 per year. For that, you got access to the website builder, as well as some internet-based educational tools. I recently stumbled onto a couple of 25-year-old videos about Skybiz2000 on YouTube that anyone considering this opportunity should watch. I'd provide links, but this platform limits the number of links to 2 for a posting like this.

I have a saying: “Nothing new ever happens. It’s just the same old things that happen to new people.” Back then, Skybiz sold over 100 million websites and produced a ton of millionaires! And, that's back when a million dollars was worth a whole lot more than it is now! Here’s the thing… the websites weren’t the best, but they produced a good, utility site for the time, and they sure were easy to build. Our QuickBuildV1 web3 website builder allows the user to build a website in 15 min. It supports written text content, images, and links out to anywhere, including all popular social media platforms.

Opportunity? Yes. The Web3 space is a fresh frontier, and the best any of us will ever do in our lifetimes to be a part of something as significant as the original internet and .com bubble.

There are currently 400 million people in the world that have invested in crypto/Web3, and only 6.5 million Web3 domains sold. Of those, it is estimated that less than 30,000 of them are being used as wallet names, and less than 2500 have been used as a Web3 website address.


1. The 28000 blockchain developers are expensive and booked for months in advance

2. Users have never been taught how to do it for themselves.

3. The average internet user doesn't know Python, React, or Solidity, which are the languages that are predominantly used in Web3.

4. There has never been the QuickBuildV1 advantage available until now!

Ponder this for a moment:

  • There are currently 4.7 billion internet users worldwide. 
  • There are currently only 28000 blockchain developers worldwide (source wiki)
  • The average time to complete a website with web3 integration is arguably 3 months (2 months to a year is the official statistic, so this is actually on the light side of things).
  • The average cost of having a website built with web3 integration is $30,000.00 (stat is $20,000 to $100,000).
  • If only 1% of 4.7 billion internet users decide to adopt web3... that's 47 million.
  • If only 1% of that 47 million choose to have their own website... that's 470,000.
  • At 3 months and $30,000 per build, it would take 28,000 developers 4.19 years to build, at a cost of $14.1 billion (8 hours per day, 5 days per week).

QuickBuild Advantages:

$35 per site = $16,450,000.00. (0.0116% the cost of scenario 1)

470,000 users now can build their own site with QuickBuildV1 (Max time of 30 min if content is ready) = 30 minutes total, to build all 470,000 websites.

Remember, this is if only 1% of 1% of current internet users choose to build their own web3 site!

Now, we know that a $35 digital product with a $0.00 production cost could support an MLM business model, but we can supply you with a white label version that you can name or price however you want. Another option is to have an initial cost in conjunction with a monthly fee to the user like there was with Skybiz.

Don’t let the $35 price on our site scare you out of charging more for it elsewhere. This is just an introductory price that we are offering for now. We plan on raising it to $60.00 on or around the time of the MLM launch. There is a huge market to address, and there’s incredible value with the product even at $500.00 or $5000.00! Further value can also be added by including educational material and other perks with the MLM offering.

Another source of revenue is website hosting. Web3 websites also require a special type of hosting, called IPFS hosting. IPFS hosting can be sold in advance for a year, depending on bandwidth usage, for as little as $120, which will provide the sales network with residual income paid annually, upon renewal.

If you’d like to try QuickBuildV1 for yourself, you can go to our site and use it for free. Users only pay if they decide to keep the site they've built. Build for free. Pay to keep. Or, don't. Welcome to how the decentralized world of web3 works! It's a bottom-up economy, and those who take advantage of it now will be a part of the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world! The new 1%... For those of you who don’t know a whole lot about web3, dig into our knowledge base on our platform.

Every Web3 website needs a domain. Your domain name isn't limited to the functions of a traditional domain. Web3 domains serve as your wallet name, website name, and YOUR Web3 identity across all of Web3.

If you want, you can buy / register a TLD (everything to the right of the “dot” on a domain name, such as .com, .net etc) and grow your domain ecosystem when other people register domains under your TLD. That’s right! You’ll also become a domain registrar, like GoDaddy for instance, and people will be able to purchase and mint potentially millions of domains to the blockchain under your TLD. You are paid a handsome royalty every time that happens. In fact, it is possible, perhaps even probable, to earn more residual income by growing domain ecosystems, compared to the income earned through the sales of QuickBuild. The reasoning behind this is that many people buy web3 domains with the intent of flipping them, so many people buy several domains for this purpose as compared to the number of websites they build. Our platform offers further incentive for people to buy several domains. Speaking of GoDaddy, our platform is the first web3 platform in the world to offer GoDaddy's complete product line to the web3 audience!

The reason is that EDA is the first platform on the planet to offer renting / leasing of web3 domains and other digital assets! This makes it possible for investors to earn passive income without having to sell their assets. The websites also come with payment capabilities, video chat and email. Another thing that we can do for you is customize QuickBuild to produce websites to do things such as have the homepage of the websites it creates pointed at your marketplace to showcase all of your products, or totally integrate it with your existing website."

So, check out the videos I've mentioned that are on YouTube, and then try QuickBuildV1 on our site. Learn about Web3 and Web3 domains. Empower Yourself!

As far as “what we want out of the deal,” we want the new Master Distributor to facilitate the traditional website that runs the MLM software. Then we want our team of 9 to be placed under the master distributor, so that all sales run through our positions. There will be no up-front fee to pay us whatsoever.

We will provide you with a web3 website, built with QuickBuildV1. We will also help you set yourself up the proper way, using website-specific marketing tactics that work, to be implemented by your network on a clean playing field. We believe in MLM, we believe in our product, and we believe that together, we can drive web3 adoption with inexpensive, easy to build web3 websites. We will accept monetary consideration from the right person / organization with an extensive downline, in exchange for this opportunity to be awarded to your network. If any of you are wondering, we are sending this letter out to select individual MLMers, as well as every MLM group on LinkedIn, and only intend on launching one Master Distributorship per continent!  Can you taste the opportunity?

"If you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip? ~Marshall Mathers III

For those of you who know an opportunity when you see it, and consider yourself to be qualified to be our Master Distributor, contact us at the email address below with the title of the email being “Master Distributor”, and please include the following,

1. Name, contact info, residing country, languages spoken

2. Experience

3. Product lines you’ve been involved with?

4. What do you think is the most effective way to train and develop team members?\

5. How do you approach prospecting and recruiting new team members?

6. How do you currently manage and motivate your downline?

7. Can you share any strategies or tactics that you've found particularly effective in growing your network marketing business?

8. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry?

9. Can you give an example of a particularly challenging situation you faced as a network marketing leader and how you overcame it?

10. How experienced are you with Web3?

11. Past MLM success stories?

12. Special training, certificates, awards?

13. Current MLM you are working?

14. MLM software your platform utilize. Details such as type of MLM compensation plan that you intend to use (Number of levels, price, Uni-level, binary etc.)

To those of you who are not necessarily interested in acquiring the Master Distributor position but still want to be included, please send an email that answers as many of the questions above that apply to you, but change the title of the email to “Include Me”

 Every person reading this still has a ground floor opportunity with this opportunity and the Web3 opportunity in general. Every person who contacts us will, in turn, be contacted by the new Master Distributor for the opportunity to secure your position in the compensation plan and participate in the QuickBuildV1 opportunity.

We will be announcing the Master Distributor on May 28. The cut-off date for submissions is May 25. No exceptions.

Yours in success,

Sheldon Benson


"In the old world, the big fish eats the small fish. In the new world, it is the fast fish which eats the slow fish."

~ Klaus Schwab, Founder of the W.E.F.

This article was published on 03.05.2023 by 2 Tier Affiliate Program-Web3
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