As we know todays technology is forever evolving and as a Business we need to always keep up to date with the latest ways to get people into our businesses. Well I'm new to this business of Network Marketing and I have an all in or nothing approach to life and I decided to take the risk. 

Well because I work 12hr days as a fitter/welder building custom made vehicles full-time and after work I have my own Personal Training Studio in my Garage where I train individuals as well as small groups for an extra 3hrs a day TIME is very precious for me. I also have 4 kids and my wife works at 3 different gyms as a fitness instructor and Trainer family time for us during the week is non-existent.

When I joined this company I was on the products to see if this was for REAL or NOT and if my clients would benefit from it. Because everything we eat NOW and a lot of products we take are filled with GMO products as well as synthetic foods my skepticism kicked in. Because its an all Natural Product with 22 of the best superfoods in the world and it is also one of those eat on the run products I needed to know.

Well after 3 months I'm still going strong , with so much energy and also most importantly it helped me with my osteo athritis having no pain since been on the product after my years of playing Top grade and representative Rugby my joints were worn and pain would hit them on cold days making it hard to walk or move AMAZING.

From other Testimonies people have overcome serious illnesses as well as sicknesses with my food knowledge its not surprising because its all NATURAL FOODS combined into drink sachets , vitamins .

Also my other GOAL was to earn an income that would free up my time for my loved ones and help every person I can overcome illnesses and sicknesses that can be healed naturally through the right nutrition and fitness training.

But to do the business I had NO SPARE TIME but this is where this business has helped me succeed so well . I had recruited Business Partners and Retail customers through using my phone app and email , meaning while I was on a break at work or between Personal Training Clients. I would text my people on my phone contacts and people on my email lists and offer them the opportunity.

Surprisingly they all responded some NO's of Course but majority YES. Then all I do is tell them to the download the APP and then they get to see all the video's and testimonies and then they signup online . Whether Retail customers or Business Partners SO AWESOME NOW I'm starting to pass what I earn in my job weekly and once that happens I'm going full-time in the Business.

(If you want to use your Mobile , iPads or whatever gadget you have to make a real income with an awesome compensation plan which involves receiving a free car in the plan paid for by the company then download this app on your phone TEAMFUSION rep id: 2578889 or site name: hood   

If you want to try the products go to http://hood.kyani.com and order the Kyani triangle its a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain )


This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Simon Billy Vaeluaga
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